The 14-day Herbal Detox gives fantastic results – Tina


I have just completed the 14-day detox and wow I have had fantastic results! I’ve lost my excess. But the best is that my energy levels have just sky-rocketed. I am now swimming in the mornings, and doing body pump and combat classes also. I was once a couch potato, and always tired. I have had many compliments. I feel great!

My husband and brother (both weighing well over 100 kilos) kept saying to me why are you punishing yourself every time they saw me eating vegetables (they are big bread and meat eaters). I would always respond with a “No in fact it is you punishing yourself”.

Now they both want to sign up for it! They have both said they were observing me, and are quite amazed at the change in my attitude, the glow on my face, the weight loss and especially my energy levels. You should be hearing from me soon to purchase some more packs.

I’ve told many people about the detox and they have asked me how do they get it. I‘ve told them to google your name or ring you.

There is such a variety of yummy tasting vegetables out there I didn’t know existed. I am sticking to the healthy eating plan, my body loves it and so do I.

Once again, thank you and God bless you. Tia Karaka

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