The excess weight just fell off me – Anonymous


Hi Brett,

I did my first of your DETOX kits last year 10 days out before Christmas as I wanted to lose some excess and feel better as I had been socialising a lot and eating badly then. I emailed you at the time as the excess just fell off me. In general I don’t eat a lot of meat, if any its usually fish or
chicken and I eat a steak once every now and again.

I did my 2nd DETOX kit in July of this year, I did this again just to feel better and get the weight back a couple of kg’s, this time the result was less dramatic.

Each DETOX I’ve tried to give up something, I don’t eat near as much bread and I drink soya smoothies rather than milk. My unfortunate down fall is I love wine and tend to snack when I drink which is weekends. I exercise mostly daily, I am a show jumper and I try and cycle 20kms most days as well.

I will now save up and I think I’ll do a DETOX again beginning of December.

Anyway I just thought you might like to know how I got on.


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