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Well I’m 17 years old and I had a lot if trouble with my bowel- I was diagnosed with IBS just last year and was told I had to live a life with out gluten and diary. I tried many laxatives and natural products and prescription yet nothing worked. I heard of this detox on Facebook from a friend who was using it. I looked into the detox and read so many stories about how amazing it is and how it fixes people that had IBS so I gave it a go- what was to loose? The first few days I found it really hard, purely because I’m a teenager and the rest of my friend were stuffing their mouths with all the things I couldn’t eat. On about day for I felt amazing! My bowels were moving I had energy, I didn’t crave or miss any food. By the end of the detox I truly felt like a new person! So it’s been a few months now that I had finished it and this is the best my health has been in years, and I swear its because of this detox, i have no other explanation. I haven’t been bloated since before I started the detox, I haven’t been constipated also since before the detox. I feel as though I flushed all the bad things out of me and have given my body another go. I seriously recommend this and will most definitely purchase this again! AMAZING! 🙂

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