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Detox: Found the detox easy to complete, never felt hungry, was satisfied. Felt free from a list of ailments (the reason why I decided to do the detox originally) including bloating, headaches, and fatigue. Felt healthy and energised – a long way from where I started from. Lost some weight but not as much as I hoped – 4 to 5kgs over the 14 days. BodiTune sachets: Loved these sachets – easy to put into water or make into a smoothie. Felt it was a satisfying snack and a delicious taste.
Other Comments:
Completing this programme I feel heathier, more energised, stronger and better about myself. My skin is clearer as are my eyes and my sleep has improved immensely so that I now sleep deeply and wake feeling refreshed and ready to leap into the day. My moods are better (great for me, my family and friends) and though I haven’t lost much weight (approx. 4 – 5 kgs over six weeks) and my overall diet has improved so I am eating more fruit, veges, nuts, eggs, meat and avoiding any packaged or ‘fast’ foods. It was great that it was a ‘morning’ and ‘evening’ routine with the pills as it meant I didn’t have to try and find ways to take throughout the day. The ‘BodiTune’ sachets were great to carry in my pocket or bag and could be added to water, milk or even smoothies at cafes and are very satisfying. I completely recommend the products and if I wasn’t such a terrible sales person, would sign up to the business! Definitely plan to keep following the diet outline, repeat the detox at least annually and if our budget will allow, purchase the sachets.

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