Ultimate Herbal Detox Review by Margy Morris, Akaroa, New Zealand


Clear easy to follow instructions in the booklet. 14 days is just the right amount of time, feel like I want the benefits to keep on going. Clear skin, clear eyes, increased energy (no afternoon energy zap), increased bowel and urine motions, heightened extra sensory perception, balanced emotions, deeper sleep, healthier eating pattern and awareness of food …
Other Comments:
The detox product helped get me out of a food rut … made me think outside the box for food ideas and kick started a healthier eating regime. The accompanying booklet is clearly written with easy to follow instructions and some useful recipes. I used the product as instructed taking a week to eliminate foods prior to using the herbs. I did miss eating fish and eggs, and will now always make roast kumara (sweet potatoe) chunks to accompany soup, instead of bread, as well as experimenting with cold soups for summer. I did find the capsules a bit tedious, even with including the Liver herbs in a smoothie – but knowing it was only 14 days out of my life and the benefits far outweighed a few capsules twice a day was a good focus to help them slide down.

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