Waterery eyes ,nasal drip gone


So thrilled I took the plunge to do the detox , my health was at 66 showing signs of deteriorating pains in hips and legs not isolated anywhere but reoccurring thru the day and night made a doc visit with no conclusion only to be put on Amitriptyline had bloods done all good , didn't do the drugs and decided to try the Ultimate Herbal detox . Completed the first 14 days and it was very easy to do with enclosed recipe book , and as many symptoms had disappeared ,and some pain still lingering in my legs I have been advised to complete a second 14 days by Brett which I am very happy to do .My weight has dropped from 67 to 62 kg I am very pleased with the results so far my cough has gone with lots of plhgem and Waterery eyes ,nasal drip gone sleeping better, desire for sweet food has gone . Swelling in fingers disappeared , I sometimes think a cheese and cracker would be good but just remembering the pain I had in my legs is enough for me not to go there. Thank you so much Brett for your support and great simple detox programme it truly is a great way to spring clean your body. Awesome you have bought in the after pay system it will make it more accessible for others. I truly congratulate you on what you are bringing to the people Namaste

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