We were amazed at the results – Sonia & Emma


Dear Brett and Team,

We were fortunate enough to receive one of your Ultimate DETOX kits each, and as we had experienced various gut problems between us (Gluten, wheat & dairy intolerance and Candida), we couldn’t wait for the right time to start the 10 day DETOX.

We were absolutely amazed with the results, as we work within the Natural Health Industry and have tried many different DETOX programs, but nothing that we have tried, has results similar to The Ultimate DETOX! The toxic matter that you mention in your booklet, describes exactly what we experienced. (We weren’t brave enough to send a photo in though!) Our energy levels have increased, our bloated tummies have settled down and we feel fresher and a lot cleaner! Thank you so much for the opportunity to experience all of this.

Kindest regards,

Sonia & Emma 🙂

P.S We have already marked a date in our diaries to do it all over again, in 6 months time!

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