Words cannot describe the results I achieved – Karen


WOW ! Words cannot describe the results I achieved from the “ultimate DETOX”! I have suffered from constant bloating, constipation, fatigue and headaches from my early teens. My weight was a constant battle and many foods made me feel bloated and constipated. Nothing I tried helped me and being a teenager coping with constipation was embarrassing and very uncomfortable.

I resorted to laxatives which eventually through constant use, no longer worked for me but instead made my problem worse! I tried everything over the years and even tried DETOXs of other brands which did’nt seem to help either. After the birth of my twins 5 years ago, I felt extremely fatigued and constantly unwell. I visited Brett Elliott at ‘Brett Elliott’ and he put me onto his DETOXs. I completed the ‘Ultimate DETOX’ first with wonderful results!

For the first time in my life, my stomach is flat and I now know what foods I can and can’t eat to prevent constipation and bloating. I now complete ‘the weekend DETOX’ once a year and have recommended it to many of my friends, it’s the best DETOX on the market! Thank you soooo much Brett and the team.

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