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Hi Brett Happy new year. i am on the 9th day of my detox . i do not have any junk food , am a small eater, have a very bad digestion from years and that is why opted for your detox programme. i have been religiously following your diet and was not at all hard for me to keep away from normal roti and rice and pulses. i have been going to the loo for 4 times each day. i was going fine until 4-5 day, felt very energtic and lost 2 kgs. I am also on my move for excercise either walking or going to the gym. But suddenly i started to feel bloated and heavier again. i weighted myself and had put on 1 kg weight back. since then inspite of going to motions frequently, hardly eating any calories i have not lost any weight at all. i feel quite low and depressed now that i am at the end of the detox, but no result in weight loss,as also that was one of my main reason to go for the detox. I have always failed in losing weight with many different ways. I had high hopes of losing weight this time. do you think there could be a medical reason to this. Please respond to my question and advise me what to do next. thanks Rashmi

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