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Hi! My sister and I both brought a detox pack each. I çleansed' for 3 days, and followed the detox carefully….however I did somehow miss the epsom salt daily drink. While I did feel healthier and more energtic during the detox. I wondered if I somehow did something wrong. The changes I felt were great, but I started to feel these changes prior to taking the tablets. Once I started to take the tablets, the frequent visits to the bathroom for the implacations didn't quite happen…ever. Someone else that had done your detox, advised to try drinking more water, they too said that they had the same issues as I. Anyway I increased my water intake to about 3 litres of water a day, however while I did go to the bathroom many times, it was still not for the disposal of implacations. During the detox I continued to move my bowels daily as per normal, the taking to the tablets did make the movements abit softer, and I seemed to pass 'wind''and burp more than I would of liked. However this was an issue that I was hoping your detox would ease. Could you advise if this is has occurred to anyone else that you know of. And what could have helped to achieve these, my sister is yet to do her detox, and is cleansing for a week to see if that could be part of the solution. Any more advice would be great.

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