My sister-in-law has cancer that has spread….

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Hi Brett, I have no idea how to reach you at the moment. We are now back in the USA, but used to live in Tauranga and drop in to your shop 6-8 years back… My sister-in-law who still lives in Tauranga has had rectal cancer, with surgery, and now 8 months later they’ve found it has spread to some of her organs and bone. ANY advice or thoughts would be great. I’ve heard good things about Noni Juice, as well as trying to maintain a high alkaline diet as much as possible. You can contact my email, and if you have any other advice or people you’d recommend she see as natural healers, I would appreciate it tremendously. She is young and fit, and I despite her doctors giving this the title terminal, I really believe she can survive this with the right help. Thanks, Katie Licht (very tall blonde American who used to frequent your shop and speak to you and your lovely wife…)

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