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I have loved the detox, I am on the final day – I have been entirely strict (bar some black pitted olives) I have felt great from doing it, my energy levels have been better than they have in years – but 3 key things haven’t happened – I don’t seem to have lost much weight, (I’m a stone over weight) I have not noticed any of the plaque being eliminated and my skin has not cleared up as I had hoped… Should I take the final 30 capsules that are left and continue the detox for 3 more days to try and achieve the results I had hoped for? If I do do that… how detrimental would it be to eat either nuts, cheese or smoked salmon on those 3 days? Or is that defeating the whole object?! It’s just that those are the three things I am really looking forward to eating in the next couple of days!! Many thanks, for your advice and your great product… xx

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