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Hi Brett, I just bought your Ultimate Herbal Detox kit and am about to start the preparation phase. I've been eating a mostly gluten-free, paleo style diet for the last 4 years, but am still finding it very hard to kick the sugar/caffiene habit. I thought that doing your detox might help get rid of the addiction and instill some better eating habits. My question pertains to raw milk and bone broths – are they permitted on the Ultimate Herbal Detox? I know its says in the booklet that no meat is allowed, but what if the broth didn't contain any solid meat? Will this affect the detox effectiveness? And the same for raw milk, is this allowed or should I discontinue drinking this while on the detox? I'm not lactose intolerant and have been drinking a litre of raw milk each week with no ill-effect to my knowledge. Your insight and advice would be much appreciated! Kind regards, Michelle

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