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Cleansed & Cured Book - Paperback

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Cleansed and Cured Book

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Why and how detox diets actually work to heal your body and what herbs and foods we can use to cure our most common health conditions

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➢ Yes “Detox Diets” actually do work and Brett explains how with his unique explanation of how toxic life is and why cleansing is so important.

➢ Includes detox diet recipes, along with other healing methods to heal your body plus information on how you can reduce chronic inflammation, known as metabolic disease, that underlies so many of today’s major health problems. 
➢ Over twenty years of clinical practice Brett has reached more than 100,000 people in 45 countries with his herbal body cleansing programs, which have cured many of the most common health conditions of our time.

➢ Beautifully illustrated along with hundreds of scientific references.

Brett introduces the term ‘chronic metabolic toxicity’ and clearly explains how this imbalance can lead to our most prevalent health complaints. You will gain an understanding of how our body can become overloaded, acidic, inflamed and unable to maintain a healthy foundation.

Next Brett discusses herbal detoxification and how this can address the underlying subclinical condition of chronic toxic overload. You will learn how specific natural herbs and foods can help solve the world’s most common health conditions, simply by treating the underlying cause. Brett’s favorite detox diet recipes are included.

Finally, Brett will share his healing secrets and principles for achieving what he calls ‘ultimate health’. This is not just a health programme but is the beginning of a transformational personal journey towards realizing your full potential in life.

After all, health is one thing you just can’t buy, and yet it’s your biggest asset.

  • 240 x 173 mm, portrait, 232 pages,

  • Full color, paperback

  • ISBN: 978-186953-983-2



SECTION 1 Setting the Stage

1 What’s the biggest worldwide health epidemic in history? 
2 Currently accepted causes of Metabolic Disease
3 The Primary Substances of Concern 
4  What is Metabolic Toxicity? 
5  The Detox Revelation

SECTION 2 Taking action

6 Making the Decision
7 Your personal plan of attack 
8 Cleansing and Healing Foods 
9 Cleansing and Healing Recipes 
10 Cleansing and Healing Herbs

SECTION 3 Making the Connection

11 Health Condition specifics 
12 Ultimate Mind Power


See Inside the Book


Cleansed and Cured book - See inside


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