Maca for Women – 300g Powder


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Maca Powder

As a Medical Herbalist I’ve known about Maca for many years, and seen incredible results with women, especially those suffering from menstrual irregularities, and upsetting menopausal symptoms. I’ve had clients say to me that Maca has literally saved their life, not to mention their husbands. Many years ago I had a supplier that was growing Maca in Peru where it’s an ancient traditional medicine and medicinal food, but we lost contact with her. Recently I came across another supplier while traveling around doing New Zealand. I heard the story about them working with the farmers and processing the Maca root by hand, the old traditional way. I was so impressed with this product when testing it myself that it had to become part of our very limited range of ‘other brands’, which we choose very carefully, as support to the Ultimate Herbal Health Program. You won’t be disappointed with this Maca powder. Brett Elliott Medical Herbalist.

Dried Maca root

More about Maca Powder.  Incan tradition states that different colours of Maca can be used to treat different conditions. Scientific analysis indicates that this is because different coloured Maca phenotypes contain different bioactive profiles. As Maca experts this supplier works closely with indigenous shamans and scientists to understand what our bodies require and how Maca can work in harmony with our health. Men and women have different therapeutic requirements so they need different Maca combinations to achieve optimum health. From understanding the sacred traditions of Maca and the needs of women they have formulated the perfect Maca blend to bring internal harmony back to your body. It is formulated to assist with improving hormonal balance, mental health, mood, energy, focus, vitality, fertility, bone density, skin radiance, and managing stress. All of the Maca is 100% organic and sourced directly from the farm in Peru. They analyse and test every batch for potency by standardising the macamide concentrations (maca’s main bioactive components). Taken daily Maca for Women has the ability to:
  • Boost energy, and vitality
  • Balance and harmonise hormones
  • Improve mood and well-being
  • Improve mental focus and clarity
  • Calm and relax the mind
  • Increase fertility and libido
  • Increase bone density
  • Improve skin quality and radiance
See some good research on the beneficial effect of Maca root Here

Fresh Maca root


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