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Key Points To Remember

You will have received your program already and we hope you have had a chance to read the User Guide. There are a number of areas that we’d like to highlight in preparation for beginning the program.

ONE: The four stages

It is important to understand the four parts of the program, they are:

Stage 1: Preparation
Over a period of three days, you gradually eliminate all gluten, meats, processed food, legumes, nuts, and grain products from your diet. This includes all junk food, bread, pasta, beans, cheese, and any other refined, packaged, canned, or preserved products.

Stage 2: Lead-in
The herbs are taken at a lower dose to create a smooth transition into the program. Once you get through these first few days your body can move into the cleansing stage comfortably.

Stage 3: Ultimate Detox
You will be taking up to 20 capsules twice daily while following the diet and recipes provided. You eat a very pure, fresh whole-food diet.

You should find that your bowel movements increase in urgency, size, and frequency. Many people experience between 4 and 6 semi-solid bowel movements daily. Impactions (or plaque as it is often referred to) can start to appear.

Stage 4: Follow up
The elimination diet in preparation is reversed and you can return to normal eating. A good course of probiotics is recommended along with a long-term approach to a non-toxin-accumulating diet. The signs and symptoms of toxicity are made clear and easy to avoid in the future.

TWO: Food preparation

Planning your food is important. The diet on the program is all fruit and vegetables. In the User guide on page 15 is a shopping list of food you can eat and from page 18 onwards, lots of great recipes to try.

Also if you go to the Recipes section of our website you can search for more ideas – Click Here

Whilst thinking about food, do you have a blender? Smoothies are great on the program. If you don’t have a blender you might like to consider the Ladyship Blender Click Here

Finally, a detox program is just like a car service – if you get your car serviced regularly it runs well in between. The mechanics flush your car’s system through and change the oil/water. When we do a Detox we flush out the toxins, fill ourselves up with beautiful, live fresh food, and build our bodies.

In this short video Brett talks about his preparation, what foods are eaten and what foods are eliminated on the herbal detox program.

Other Points To Remember

Detoxing Symptoms:
When you start to take the herbal capsules, you may go through a period of feeling withdrawals. This is your body releasing toxins from its cells and is completely normal. The severity depends on the state of your body, how clean it is and what needs to be flushed out. Everyone is different. The symptoms you may experience are headaches, nausea, feeling grumpy, and under the weather. I am pleased to say that this passes so don’t worry when it hits you (or if it hits you)!

Coffee (see page 9 of your User Guide):
It’s not necessary to stop coffee on the program, but if you are a regular coffee drinker, you may be choosing to go “cold turkey” and take coffee out of your diet. You may wish to use the Detox as a way to reduce your coffee intake or switch to decaf. This is fine, just be prepared for slightly harder detox symptoms. Doing a full body cleanse on top of stopping coffee may give you stronger detox symptoms. You just need to be aware of this.

Alcohol (see page 9 of your User Guide) :
By stopping alcohol, you may get the same, more intensive detox symptoms as with stopping coffee. If you are able to cut down your alcohol intake then please try. However, for some people, stopping may be too much, so we recommend no more the 1 drink if you’re a daily drinker, and feel the need.

Having small snacks available is important however once you start to take the herbal capsules you may find your hunger reduces. Don’t eat for eating’s sake. Page 33 of your User Guide has ideas for small snacks.

Exercise during your detox:
Continuing with your normal routine is important. However, make exercise light rather heavy and intense. Yoga is a perfect option as are walking and Tai Chi. These activities will improve the flow of energy through your body and improve the release of toxic matter.

So tomorrow, you can start the elimination diet, and don’t forget, if you have any questions at any time, use the Live Chat button on the website.

Continue with the Lead-In Stage Here

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