Herbal Detox & BodiClenz – Lead In, Days 1-4

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We call this next four days the lead-in stage. It allows your body to adjust to the effect of the herbs before stepping up to the full Deep Clenase dosage.

Lead In – Day 1

Today is the first day of taking your Herbal Detox capsules or your BodiClenz Drink.

By now you should have taken 20 of your capsules, 5 from each one of the bottles in the morning, or you will have taken 1 scoop of BodiClenz in your breakfast smoothie. This is the amount you will be taking for the first 4 days.

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Now that you are into the cleanse, it is a good time to explore why live food and raw food are so good for you. There is no real value in processed ‘dead food’ as it’s actually toxic to us. Over time by-products of dead food will accumulate and you will need to do a detox/body cleanse program to feel better. This is why our Ultimate herbal Detox diet includes lots of raw, fresh fruits and vegetables. This allows your body to cleanse toxins and to feel energised and healed at the same time.

You will find after your BodiClenz or Ultimate Herbal Detox program that the increase in energy is so profound that your diet naturally leans towards more raw food thereafter.

Have an awesome day

Why Eat Live Food

Light is captured by photosynthesis and this captured light must be released again during the cellular metabolism of sugar and fat.

What does this mean when it comes to your diet?

In a nutshell “eat bright food”. If food has a lot of colour then it has a lot of light and will give you a lot of energy.

The more something reflects light, the more light it contains. For example a flower. Brightly coloured flowers are light-capturing devices and are full of light. Let’s now consider fruit. The fruit absorbs light to ripen. The ripe fruit is a powerful light source and can give you almost instant energy. The living fruit picked directly off the tree will give you the most life force possible. There is nothing on earth that could compare with fresh fruit as a fast energy source.

Then you have fresh raw vegetables. These contain light, life force, and healing properties galore. But why don’t we feel like eating raw vegetables when we are under stress? The main reason is that by triggering high energy within our body by eating live food we trigger the detox process. By triggering detox we bring out toxins and these include emotional and mental toxins. Maybe we are not ready for these so we delay the detox process by burying ourselves and our energy in dead food. Highly processed, artificially flavoured junk, dead meats, sticky glutinous starches, and overcooked foods constitute dead food.

There is no real value in dead food and it is toxic to us. Over time by-products of dead food will accumulate and you will need to do a detox/body cleanse program to feel better. This is why our Ultimate herbal Detox diet includes lots of raw, fresh fruits and vegetables. This allows your body to cleanse toxins and to feel energised and healed at the same time.

People who eat raw food or vegetarian diets report vastly higher energy levels and general happiness. According to one medical trial, “long-term consumption of a 70% raw-plant-food diet is associated with favourable serum LDL cholesterol and triglycerides. Another study from Germany found that a “long-term strict raw food diet is associated with favourable plasma beta-carotene and low plasma lycopene concentrations. A study mentioned the benefits of a Raw Vegan diet for lowering obesity and hypertension. Another study has also shown reduced fibromyalgia symptoms for those on a Raw Vegan Diet as well as reduced symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, according to another study.

At the beginning of 2019 Brett walked and talked about setting goals and the philosophy behind the Ultimate Herbal Health Program.

Lead In – Day 2

You’re into the second day of capsules or drinks. Hopefully, you are getting them down OK. Please keep up your gentle exercise as your body will benefit from the gentle exercise and energy flow. I thought that reflecting on the reasons for doing a cleanse might be appropriate at this stage, but also a little insight into the philosophy on how you can achieve your goals.

Keep going, you are doing well.

Man Staring at the Lake

Inner Peace – What Is It?

Everyone has different reasons for doing a detox program. For many it is at a practical level, to lose weight or to clean their body to resolve health conditions. For some they want to reach deeper, to make a significant change in their lives, and to find emotional/mental peace and deeper healing.

Brett has written a series of articles on this subject and shares his self-healing method which you can use during your detox.

Click Here to See the series Ultimate Energy Healing


Lead In – Day 3

You are heading into a key part of your cleanse, and your body may be showing signs of the Detox kicking in.

As you are moving further into the cleanse, your body will be starting to release toxins held inside you. It is common not be feeling too good in the early stages, like between days 3-6 on the herbs, but keep going and it should pass in 24 to 48 hours.

See more information below about toxins and how detoxing heals.

Just a tip: If you are struggling to take the capsules, you don’t have to take them all at once. You can split them up and take them throughout the day if it makes it easier for you.

Also if you are feeling full after the capsules don’t feel you have to eat just because you think you should. It’s OK if the capsules fill you up and your appetite drops.

Keep going, you can do it.

What can I snack on when I get hungry?

It’s important to keep snacking in the first few days of your detox as you may start to miss your normal routine of eating certain foods. There are many things you can eat. These include Grapes, Prunes, Figs, Raisins, Olives, Gherkins, Pickled onions, Apples, Mandarins, Grapefruit, or any other fruit. A glass of juice is also a great idea.

Woman Smiling while Eating Vegetables

How Detox Triggers Healing

Toxins come in many different forms and come from areas that you might not expect. This article gives you the background to the toxins in our lives and hopefully some food for thought. Click Here to Read How Detoxing Triggers Healing


Lead In – Day 4

Well today, tomorrow or the next day could be your toughest time. The detox effect could be kicking in strongly now.

As I mentioned earlier it happens differently for everyone so variations are perfectly normal.

Toilet habits could be changing, you might be feeling a bit sickly, have a headache, feel fatigued, or a bit bloated or nauseous. It is OK, this is normal and will pass.

We have also linked you to a couple of videos and articles around toilet habits, bloating and gas, and withdrawal headaches below. Some of the ideas in these articles may be helpful if you’re suffering from either of these potential side effects of detoxing.

Now is the time to look after yourself and take “me” time. A massage, a relaxation in a spa pool, a visit to a hot pool, or just curl up in bed with a good movie. They’re all good for you right now.

This initial detox effect will pass over the next 2-3 days so keep going.

We are in it together!

Brett discusses what your toilet habits could be like during the detox process. Bowel movements can vary greatly during the program and this short video sheds some light on what to expect.

Another side effect of cleansing your intestine can be a feeling of temporary bloating or gas. This can be a result of your gut rebalancing itself, but also the detox diet can be a drastic change for many people and this can trigger short-term bloating or gas. It may be specific foods that your body is not used to.

The Digestive herbs in BodiClenz and Digezaid capsules are designed to prevent this from happening, but this article gives more tips to help reduce this side effect if you’re experiencing it. Click Here To Read ‘Bloating and Gas’ Full Article

Woman touching the back of her head

Managing Detox Headaches & Withdrawal

Many people perform a detox program to help quit an addictive habit like coffee, sugar, alcohol, or other substance or food. This could be for health reasons, or simply to break the addiction cycle. This can cause temporary withdrawal symptoms, especially headaches.

This article will give you tips and ideas on how to reduce these side effects.

Click Here To Read The Full Article

  If you’ve got that far, and you’re feeling OK, then you’re definitely ready for the full dose of your herbs, starting tomorrow. Continue with Days 5-14 Here

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