Great Detox!

Great product, I had more energy and I lost weight. The packets mixed great will every liquid I added it to and the taste was amazing I absolutely loved the flavor and I am looking forward to ordering more.I am currently planning on ordering more and for anyone who is...


I take the “BodiTune”, because it keeps the detox process going in a gentle way, after doing the Ultimate Herbal Detox. I strongly recommend this product, it makes you feel great. Lots of energy. Thanks Brett.

BodiTune drink

Easily used as a meal replacement. Kept me regular, I definitely got rid of bad toxins – good cleanse of the system. It was great with orange juice

BodiTune Drink

This product seriously surprised me with how good it tastes – even in just water! A great way to get some fast nutrition. I think it’s a great, healthy way to lose weight if you can afford it.

3.3Kg Lost in one week – Detox

Have been using Brett Elliot BodiTune and Ultimate Herbal Slim for almost one month now and I have lost a total of 8 Kilo’s. But more importantly I have gained vitality and clarity within. My skin hair and nails look and feel great, I have much more energy and...