Can you have seeds on the 25-day programme?

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Kia ora Brett, I'm gearing up to do the 25-day programme after filling in your website's tool – I am a healthy weight and the site recommended the 25-day programme with the protein sachets as a supplement, which makes me feel less apprehensive about the detox – I don't want to lose any weight on it! I was wondering if I can have seeds? My usual breakfast is raw porridge comprising Oats Chia seeds Pumpkin seeds Sunflower seeds Lemon juice Dates Cinnamon Almond milk I understand I'll need to skip the oats, but what about the rest? Also, I've read through the books and couldn't find any guidance on lentils for the 25-day programme. I notice you can have chickpeas. Thanks in advance for your reply, Hannah PS I did the 10-day detox a few years ago and it was good, but too intense. I love that you have improved the experience so that your online tool picks up that people like me who are at a healthy weight need some supplements throughout the detox to maintain that weight 🙂

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