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Hi Brett, This is the second time I'm doing your Ultimate Herbal Detox – I'm starting the herbal pills tomorrow. I have a few questions about some brands of foods I've found: 1) Annies pure fruit leather is made from 100% air dried pure fruit pulp (no concentrates) – are these products ok? 2) Annies natural dried apple are apples that are peeled, sliced and dried. Are these ok? 3) The only passionfruit pulp I have been able to find is in syrup – which means its over 50% sugar (and has preservative as well) – so which passionfruit pulp do you use in your smoothies? 4) Dried cranberries (and other dried fruits including apricots and prunes) also have sugar and preservative listed on the ingredients lists – I've looked at Sunsweet, Homebrand, Select and a few other brands I can't remember. Is the sugar and preservative in things like this in small amounts and ok? Or do you have another brand you prefer to use? 5) I have made the apple and cinnamon smoothie a couple of times now and find it quite grainy with a chewy texture (which I'm not particularly fond of) – am I allowed to slowly stew some apples (with skin and only in water, nothing else) to soften them so they blend more smoothly? On another note you mention in your video for the grapefruit smoothie that grapefruit increase the effects of some medications – which is very true they do. They also DECREASE the effects of some medications too – in particular grapefruit will decrease the effect of the oral contraceptive pill – which I think is worth mentioning as many women don't consider their oral contraceptive pill to be a "medication" and may inadvertently eat a lot of grapefruit (particularly as they are good for weight loss) and render their OCP ineffective! Thanks!

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