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Hi there Bret,

My friend and I decided to do the detox together to support each other, then my husband decided to do it, later another friend decided to do it too! He is 3 days behind us. We are having text support and sharing experiences throughout!

I was wondering if soy milk, coconut cream/milk, and balsamic vinegar are ok to have while on the herbal detox?

I’m only on the 2nd day of taking the pills (after doing more the 3 days prep diet) and for the past couple days my lower back and legs have ached. I’m assuming this is nothing to worry about too much? I looked in you frequently asked questions section and have already been having ginger tea etc… I am curious why my lower back and legs might be hurting – is this just some kind of ‘healing cirisis’?

Also, when I am at work trying to do complicated tasks on excel spreadsheets and my brain goes all mushy and I find myself wondering if I am doing the task correctly, is there any food you can recommend that might help make me feel a bit more with it at work? I had this experience on day one of the elimination diet and I go back to work tomorrow. I was wondering if having some tofu or extra protein might help me stay focussed and with it at work?

Sorry lots questions.



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