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Hi Brett, I'm on Day 3 of your detox and I find I have a bad case of the runs. My stools are water consistency. Yesterday they were half watery/ half loose. I've done your detox three times before (I aim to do it every 12 months) and I don't recall this happening before. I'm taking the full 40 caps/ day and am eating only fruit, veges, soup, yoghurt (with a Tbsp of LSAP) and a lightly boiled egg once or twice a day to keep my protein up (Naturopath at Harvest recommended keeping proteins up to avoid fatigue. I've never managed more than 5 days in the past because I become tired and light headed but I find this time my energy is better and hope to go the full 10 days). I'm planning to cut it down to 3tabs per bottle am and pm as perhaps it's too much? My usual diet is pretty healthy (I follow the Body Ecology Diet principles – Stage 2 of diet) and my stools are usually pretty smooth, easy consistency since I started doing your cleanses and BED diet 4 years ago. Any suggestions or is this normal? Regards Adrienne

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