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HI there, I have just seen your "Ultimate Herbal Detox, plus a one week supply of Detox ‘N Slim drink sachets from Iconherb, delivered, worth $165!" offer on the dailydo website, which expires tomorrow morning. Not sure if this question will be answered in time before the offer ends. I am keen to try this product and have been reading the many questions and answers that are on this website. I am slightly confused about what the dailydo offer acutaly offers. i have read a lot about the pre diet detox and the 10 day detox and then something that happenes after. I see the dailydo offer is for a 30day detox. Could you let me know whether i can purchase this and complete the 10 day detox, or is this something different all together. Also is the detox a specific diet or a list of food that you can pic from, i was quite confused from reading all the different Q and A's Regards Sara

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