Is it normal to feel bloated and gain weight?

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I just started the pills after 2 days pure veg and fruit diet. Today is my 2nd day. I have been to the gym and follow the straight die that is indicate in the booklet. However, I feel more bloated and my weight actually increase after I started the pills. i started using non-denatured whey protein pretty much the same time as I start the pills, not sure if this is the reason. Or would it be because I haven’t eaten enough, therefore the weight increase? Typical diet for me in the past 3-4 days was fresh fruit with organic yogurt for breakfast, fruit or veg for snacks, salad for lunch, fruit or veg for dinner(mainly fruit cause don’t need to prepare anything). Only 1 -2 protein drink a day. I sort of calculate the total calories would be between 7-800 cal a day. Is it too little? Besides the bloating and weight gain, don’t feel too much different, or is it too early to see any effect?

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