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Hi Bret, My husband & I are on day 2 of the pre detox diet for the 10 day herbal detox. Questions: I’m excited about your detox but wanted to ask if there is a different way of doing it where we don’t loose any weight? We’ve been following the diet rigorously but both feel starving (despite eating large quantities of the fruit, veg & yoghurt) & we really don’t want to loose weight, we’re both slim already. If we were to include a few other things what would be ok to do? eg cornflakes, bananas, hummus, brown rice? (I don’t want greg to have wheat or dairy so we can use the diet as a time to discover food intolerances for him – whether they are migraine triggers or not etc.) Also we don’t want to prolong the time we’re doing it for longer, we have a little girl & an active job. The lady in the shop mentioned the 5 day plan, would this be better for us than the 10 day plan so that we don’t extend the time of eating less normal food. But I can see the 10 day plan would be gentler on the body… Is it possible for us to share the 10 day one & just do it over 5 days? For us the product was expensive so we want to do it as properly as we can to get the most out of it, but at the same time we don’t want to loose weight as that too could compromise our health? I’d really appreciate your advice asap becuase we’ve just started, Greg spent all of the 1st day in bed with a migraine, I had a cracking tension headache & today have very sore ribs. Background We’re pretty healthy people but eat possibly too much starch & wheat usually. We’ve eaten fish but not meat for many years. We are active & work as gardeners. Neither of us want or need to loose any weight but we have been advised to do your herbal detox for health reasons – I have had swollen lymph glands for quite a few months now (don’t worry, I did of course 1st see the doctor about this & had blood tests which said I had nothing to worry about.) I also get incredibly sore neck & shoulder muscles & joints & have recently been experiencing abnormal memory loss/spaced outness. I went in to the health shop to get milk thistle & goldenseal to cleanse my liver & kidneys which I have been wanting to do for some time, I came out of the shop with your detox kit. My husband suffers from chronic migraines, he’s been told he has heavy metals which he needs to get rid of & he also has very fast metabolism & quickly gets low blood sugar & has to eat on time or else it can trigger a migraine. We both suffer from lack of energy when we should be feeling bright. Much appreciate your advice asap because we’ve just started. Many thanks, all the best, Kinna.

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