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Hi Brett, I have completed your 10day herbal detox. Before the detox I suffered with intermittent constipation and regularly I pass wind that is very anti-social!! I have always eaten a very healthy diet, more recently I noticed All Bran was contributing to my odorous flactulance. While I was on your detox the wind stopped and I was no longer suffering with constipation but more loose bowels through out the day. Since I have stopped the diet, about 10 days ago I have continued to eat no red meat, limited sugar, no All Bran, no white carbohydrates etc and I have now returned to being constipated and passing wind. About me: female, age 33yrs, weigh 63kg, 5ft5 tall, participate very frequent exercise, relatively active job. I look forward to hearing from you about any suggestions that you may have. Thanks a lot, Kate

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