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Good Morning Brett I have been taking your products for the last year and a half with ABSOLUTELY AMAZING results. In June 2012 I developed a peculiar acute lower abdominal pain which decided to live there forever. I went through a lot of tests including sonography and MRI but nothing was detected. No amount of medication helped either. My niece who works at Hardy's suggested your detox plan in January, by then I was at my wits end (and so was my GP!) and was ready to try anything. I must admit that initially I was totally sceptical and honestly, a little scared as well. Anyway went through it in all honesty and earnestness for 16 days of 10 day detox including pre and post prep. My Doctor, family,friends and I were blown away by the results. Towards the end of the detox the pain had miraculously disappeared and this was not all ,while going it took away with it a nasty eye sty which had been with me for a long time and –this is the best–4 kilos of my weight which I had been struggling to shed for the last 10 years!! I have no words in my vocabulary to thank you enough. Needless to say I converted thereafter and my life has never been the same. Since then I have dutifully followed detox twice a year and your detox drink is my husband's and mine morning protein smoothie. I secretly bless you every morning when I am having it. Last I had 10 day detox was in April. My question to you is that can I go on the 10day slim plan in August/September or is it too soon after the detox. In all I have lost 7 kilos. I am 54 yrs. old and fluctuate between 58 and 59 kilos. I need to lose just 3-4 kilos more. Actually my daughter is getting married in October and I want to look lighter and brighter for the occasion. Last detox in April yielded wonderful results for my skin but wt. loss was only a kilo and a half that is why I am thinking of the slim plan. I have been wanting to write to you to thank you for what you have brought to my life but haven't had the courage to as I wondered why would you be interested in my story. Please reply

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