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Get the full 220 pages of glossy colour paperback in digital FlipBook format.

Great for viewing on Tablet, Mobile phone, or Laptop. Flip the pages by hand and experience the interactive feel of the real thing.

Why and how detox diets actually work to heal your body and what herbs and foods we can use to cure our most common health conditions

This is a flipbook version of ‘Cleansed & Cured’ the paperback. ➢ Yes “Detox Diets” actually do work and Brett explains how with his unique explanation of how toxic life is and why cleansing is so important.

➢ Includes detox diet recipes, along with other healing methods to heal your body plus information on how you can reduce chronic inflammation, known as metabolic disease, that underlies so many of today’s major health problems. ➢ Over twenty years of clinical practice Brett has reached more than 100,000 people in 45 countries with his herbal body cleansing programs, which have cured many of the most common health conditions of our time. ➢ Beautifully illustrated along with hundreds of scientific references.

Brett introduces the term ‘chronic metabolic toxicity’ and clearly explains how this imbalance can lead to our most prevalent health complaints. You will gain an understanding of how our body can become overloaded, acidic, inflamed, and unable to maintain a healthy foundation.

Next Brett discusses herbal detoxification and how this can address the underlying subclinical condition of chronic toxic overload. You will learn how specific natural herbs and foods can help solve the world’s most common health conditions, simply by treating the underlying cause. Brett’s favorite detox diet recipes are included.

Finally, Brett will share his healing secrets and principles for achieving what he calls ‘ultimate health’. This is not just a health programme but is the beginning of a transformational personal journey towards realizing your full potential in life.

After all, health is one thing you just can’t buy, and yet it’s your biggest asset.

  • 240 x 173 mm, portrait, 232 pages,
  • Full color, paperback
  • ISBN: 978-186953-983-2



“This book has been written for you as a tool, to empower personal healing and growth. The power is now in your hands to change your life and never look back. You can stop searching and start your healing journey today.

With the advent of the information age, we are overwhelmed with cheap information, bombarded by advertising messages, at the mercy of being manipulated by biased media reporting, and swayed by social media opinions on absolutely every subject. There is also a jungle of over 1 billion websites to find our way through. When people can basically say whatever they like with no real accountability, where is the actual truth to be found? When it comes to our health, most of us rely heavily on our doctors’ advice, and yet our doctors are only schooled in pharmaceutical medicine and constantly fed propaganda and incentives by ‘Big Pharma’, the multibillion-dollar pharmaceutical giants. They mean well, but they only know what they choose to know. So we receive a filtered version of the truth controlled by regulators with big business interests at heart. If you are looking for natural alternatives they usually don’t offer any, and you will have to go looking for yourself. But the last thing you need when feeling unwell is to walk a minefield of misinformation online or spend your money on natural health products and alternative practitioners that may or may not work for you. There are literally thousands of home remedies and miraculous vitamins, herbal supplements, and potions available, few of which bother to explain how they actually work. Shouldn’t we really understand what has caused our health problems rather than constantly patching up the holes? It is my mission, to share with you the actual cause of our most common diseases. National health systems around the world are struggling with the growing tide of chronic diseases. People are queuing up for heart bypasses and kidney transplants. In the third world, the biggest killers (apart from malnutrition) are bacterial and viral infectious diseases. In the developed world these are minimal, while chronic degenerative and metabolic diseases are out of control, killing over 70% of us and rising, yet the health system and modern medicine have virtually nothing to offer by way of a cure. In New Zealand, we spend over 1 billion dollars a year on degenerative brain diseases such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and dementia and its related care alone. Over 25% of the population suffers from prediabetes, which can lead to diabetes, our third biggest killer.

Thirty to forty percent of the world’s population suffer from metabolic disease, which is a combination of high blood pressure, high blood sugar, high cholesterol (fatty liver), and weight gain. These factors contribute to our three biggest killers, heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. Even our children are beginning to suffer these health problems.

Childhood cancer is escalating, while an epidemic of youth obesity and its related diabetes is sweeping the world. Allergies, food intolerances, irritable bowel syndrome, and liver disease are all too common. If you are not suffering one of these yourself it’s very likely someone in your immediate family or household is. Considering our advanced technology and medical wizardry this modern health epidemic is still spiraling out of control. Something significant is wrong with the way our society is living and how the government is managing public health. I saw this happening 20 years ago when I started my practice as a medical herbalist. Since then it has escalated at an alarming rate. There are occasional flashes of insight coming from the media, but nothing that seems to reach the public on a significant level. Whatever happened to investigative journalism? Sadly it appears to have been replaced by ‘joke news’. Ultimately we live in a world motivated by big business profits and so-called ‘public health’ has taken a back seat, even becoming a secondary, emergency repair industry in itself. From a ‘Big Pharma’ perspective, there is more money in selling medications to a sick public than investing in clinical trials for natural plant-based medicines (which can’t be patented), long-term public education strategies, and preventative dietary health solutions. It’s not a conspiracy theory, but it’s good business for the pharmaceutical industry. Not so good for our government-funded, insolvent healthcare system, which we ultimately pay for out of our own pockets. I have seen over 20,000 clients in my herbal clinic and helped over 100,000 people in over 45 countries in the last 20 years. Not to blow my own trumpet, but simply put, it means what I am sharing with you is from personal experience, mainly because my heart cries for those millions of people out there who have been let down by the system. I have seen it over and over, the same mistakes, the same outcomes, and lack of understanding. I want to help you to understand the incredible power that your body has to heal itself and the simple method of triggering this healing process. Today you have opened the door to an infinite healing potential within yourself. I will provide a vast amount of research and link you to solid scientific data to back up my rationale and the herbal medicines and foods I use in my practice but not everything I am going to share is 100% scientifically proven. I will also be sharing some of the case studies and results that I have seen over the years, along with my favourite recipes and self-healing principles that you can use at home. Ultimately you will see how inner body cleansing can be a cure, then learn how to apply this in your personal situation to help yourself, your friends, and your family.”

SECTION 1 Setting the Stage

1 What’s the biggest worldwide health epidemic in history? 2 Currently accepted causes of Metabolic Disease 3 The Primary Substances of Concern 4  What is Metabolic Toxicity? 5  The Detox Revelation

SECTION 2 Taking action

6 Making the Decision 7 Your personal plan of attack 8 Cleansing and Healing Foods 9 Cleansing and Healing Recipes 10 Cleansing and Healing Herbs

SECTION 3 Making the Connection

11 Health Condition specifics 12 Ultimate Mind Power


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