The Three Ultimate Nutrients

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Nutritionists speak of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins as the primary nutrients.

Minerals, vitamins, enzymes and other trace elements are secondary. I believe that three other ‘ultimate nutrients’ have been largely overlooked. If we feed ourselves well on these three then the desire and need for the others will be reduced.

You may similarly think of these ‘ultimate three’ as real and important nutrients after reading below.



How is light a nutrient? Think of it this way, we know plants perform photosynthesis to convert carbon dioxide Co2 (from the air) and H20 (water) into carbohydrates and then release the oxygen. These carbohydrates form the basis of all energy that animals and humans require. They can be converted into fats and proteins, and almost every other nutrient.

Once the plant material is consumed by animals and humans it is then converted into tissue (muscle, bones), eggs, milk etc. Therefore all food is ultimately formed by trapping light during photosynthesis.

The real difference in my thinking is this; when the body sources energy within the cell, the simple carbohydrate is broken down and is converted once again into more useable energy. The missing link in modern medical thinking on cellular energy is ‘light’. I believe it is the released light that triggers the metabolic energy cycle. Why does a person ‘glow’ when they are healthy? Why do some people ‘light up the room’ with their presence? Why do others have a ‘twinkle in their eye’? It is their spark and light.

To source light, we can eat bright and colorful, living plants. Light is all around us and our eyes absorb it. Light travels into the brain down the optic nerve and the brain produces wake up hormones as a result. Why? Because light is one of the three ultimate nutrients.

By simply going for a daily walk, looking out the window or into the sky, taking off those sunglasses and allowing more light into your life, you can feel fulfilled. It is an incredible thing to realize that you can actually tap into this immense power source directly.

Try it today!


Think about the plants and how they create themselves from a few minute trace minerals, a little sunlight, water, and air and what do they get from the air? They take CO2 (carbon and oxygen) from the atmosphere. They use the carbon to create carbohydrates (carbon and water combined) and give us back the oxygen. This is incredible when you think about it, simply by plants capturing the light and carbon from the air we have the source of food for all life, even proteins and fats are based on carbohydrates with a little nitrogen. All these ingredients are available from the air.

ultimate nutrients

Breath is life. Life is breath. Conscious breathing has long been an integral part of daily life for many philosophies and cultures. Many of us in our modern culture are not educated to become conscious of this fundamental metabolic process; over 90 percent of us are using less than 50 percent of our breathing capacity. Air carries material not just in, but also out of our body. The lungs can move more acid out of your body in ten minutes of slow deep breathing than your kidneys can in 24 hours. In fact, 70% of the body’s major toxins are removed via breathing.

When you breathe deeply you encourage relaxation, blood flows better, your mood improves and oxygen supply to key organs and glands is improved. This is all very nourishing. We suggest constant or regular meditative breathing and lots of fresh air. You won’t regret it, and it is likely to help your results during this program. Imagine being without this nutrient for more than 2 minutes. Ultimate nutrient? Absolutely.


Water is the healthiest option we have for the bulk of our fluid intake. Water reduces the energy density of the overall diet and replaces excessive calories and sugar consumed from other beverages. Drinking water can actually reduce cravings for other foods because water helps you to identify the difference between thirst and hunger. Water carries everything, everywhere in your body. Your body is 70 percent water.

Water washes away our worries and purifies the soul. To many ancient cultures, springs and water wells were sacred. You always feel better after a bath, shower or swim. Why is that? You are being nourished and purified by the water.

Ultimate nutrients

Dehydration is a common problem that often goes unnoticed until it is too late.

Acute dehydration is a common cause of minor health complaints such as headaches, irritability, muscle cramps, constipation, heartburn, and fatigue, to name a few.

Chronic dehydration can result in weight gain, elevated cholesterol, decreased ability to clear toxins from the body, autoimmune diseases, high blood pressure, neck and back pain, asthma and allergies, as well as arthritis. Being chronically dehydrated can lead to mixed messages in the brain, leading you to feel hungry when your body is, in fact, thirsty. It seems clear that water deserves the title “ultimate nutrient”.

When you consider that water operates like the plasma of all living things and without it we have no life, you cannot underestimate its importance. It easily transforms many other nutrients into a useable form. That it is priceless in your body.

Water is needed in many metabolic processes and research has shown that within 10 minutes of drinking a pint of water, the metabolism may increase as much as 30 percent. This is because it is a generic catalyst allowing the body to move overall metabolism more quickly.

Water during the Detox program
One of the great benefits of performing a Detox program is that the cleansing effect of pure food and herbs is greatly enhanced by the increased water intake. Did you know that most fruits and vegetables are actually 90% water? That means when you look at raw food you eating mostly water. Unfortunately, most processed food is stripped of water because it would not keep on the shelf very well.

When you follow the detox diet plan your water intake increases dramatically and this increases your body’s ability to flush toxins out of the system many times over.

I highly recommend finding a good source of spring water or alkaline water that you can have on hand to drink during and after your detox, as alkalizing your body often helps reduce inflammation and promotes healing.

Also soaking your body in an Epsom salt bath is another great healing process during your program. Use 3-4 cups of Epsom salt in your bath for 20 minutes and do this every other day for best results. Many aches and pains have disappeared using this method.

May the healing powers of water cleanse and purify your soul.

Many Blessings

Brett Elliott ®

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