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Brett Elliott’s Ultimate Herbal Detox Video Are you looking for a fresh start? Maybe a new lease on life? Or just a renewed health vitality? Then join thousands of others who have experienced the life-changing results of the Brett Elliott’s Ultimate Herbal Detox. The most effective Herbal Detox System available. Over 30,000 people have used Brett Elliott’s Ultimate Herbal Detox, and many have achieved incredible life-changing results. Everything from dramatic weight-loss, to the complete disappearance of life-long complaints. Brett is a master herbalist, and he developed the product personally to treat thousands of people in the need for a cleanse. Josue “I tried the product and I’m very, very satisfied, so it worked out to my expectations, you know what I expected. I took the pills as directed.” Linda “We are moms on the go, we’re constantly running and moving. It was a great product, it helped me feel better, lighter I noticed the results right away. I would recommend it to any of my friends.” Benny “Whoa, that was great! I have to have my cardio, have to lift my weights, have to eat right. But the thing that makes all of that worthwhile is when I have my Brett Elliott’s Ultimate Herbal Detox. Helps me to feel good, feel vibrant in the morning, all day long I feel so good because I get all of that stuff out of my system. I’ve used it, and it works for me. Along with my eating habits, my training habits, and that Brett Elliott’s, nothing works better for me!” Have you ever considered doing a detox? An herbal detox is like doing a spring cleaning for your insides. Pushing out chemicals and toxins and restoring your health and energy. Maybe you have considered doing a detox, going on a diet program, or even getting a colon cleanse. But where do you start, and what Detox products can you trust? The answer is here. Right now we are going to show you a trusted product, and explain the method which gets you the ultimate herbal detox. Brett Elliott developed this product personally to treat the many thousands of people who visited his clinic, and the results were astounding. It is recommended to do this type of detox every year to keep your body running smoothly and your energy at it’s peek. Brett Elliott “Hi, I’m Brett Elliott, founder of the Ultimate Herbal Detox. I’m going to show you why this product works so well. First of all, how do we get toxins into our body? Let’s have a look at these foods here. Fried chicken, sweets, cigarettes and alcohol, burgers and fries, potato chips, donuts and muffins. Now all of these products are sticky, stoggy, lifeless, and they cause a build-up in our body. So over the years we can get things like fatigue, stress, weight-gain and run the risk of many serious health problems. So that’s why we need to detox. So what we do is convert during the program over to foods like coleslaw, salad, vegetable soups, juices, fruits, and other vegetables. Now these foods are full of life, they have lots of energy, they digest very quickly, and they help remove build-up from the body. So, while consuming these foods, we use our herbal products here, and what we’ve got is: colon cleanser, digestive aid, a multi-fibre, and liver toner. Consume these capsules while following our instruction booklet and with the support of our DVD.” Danny “I really started to feel the effects. I didn’t feel sluggish anymore in the morning, I felt more invigorated, I was able to do things with ease where before I felt tired, I didn’t want to do anything, I felt ineffective. What it really did was to cleanse all the toxins out of my system, and it helped me feel better. It also helped me lose weight, which is really what I wanted to do.” Brett Elliottt’s Ultimate Herbal Detox is one of the world’s best detox programs, both for reliability and effectiveness. It’s 4 bottles of 100% pure, concentrated, herbal capsules: Colon-Aid to improve bowel function, Digezaid to soothe, calm and heal the digestive system, Gentlelax to soften and increase bowel motion, Livafood to support liver function. Brett is a master herbalist, and he developed the product personally to treat thousands of people in the need for a cleanse. Do you suffer from any of the following: fatigue, weight gain, bloating, indigestion, skin irritation, headaches, back pain, sinus or hay fever? Do you ever feel that your energy should be a lot higher than it is? Or just get that heavy, tired feeling regularly? During the Ultimate Herbal Detox Program, you will be given specific recipes, ideas and foods to choose from. These consist of pure, organic foods, including fresh raw and whole natural foods only. All processed wheat products, sugars, meats, and junk foods are eliminated, since these are the foods that cause a build-up of toxins. The build-up can be anything between eight and 20 pounds, and this normally comes out of the body along with extra bowel movements and fluids. Over ten days your body can eliminate many years of toxic build-up. Your Ultimate Herbal Detox also comes with the books: Brett Elliott’s Ultimate Herbal Detox and Detox Properly and Change Your Life, valued at $10 plus. Phone now and you will also receive the bonus items DVD Transform Yourself. This DVD contains four amazing talking books: Detox Properly and Change Your Life explains why the Ultimate Herbal Detox is right for you. Brett Elliott’s Ultimate Herbal Detox book outlines the Ultimate Herbal Detox program in detail. Brett Elliott’s Ultimate Herbal Slim book is programmed to help you achieve and maintain your ideal weight. Transformation Sequences. This book offers methods you can use for personal transformation and renewed youth. Brett Elliott: “I know you will reap the benefits of this program.” Call now, operators are standing by. This product makes no claim to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure. It should be used under the supervision of a qualified health professional if you have any disease or condition, or if you take medication. Do not use during pregnancy and lactation.


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