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Mani:    Hello, welcome along. I’m so glad that you could join me today and also Brett Elliott who is in the studio to talk about his fantastic detox product. It’s called the Ultimate Herbal Detox program.

Now if you guys at home have been feeling a little bit sluggish lately, maybe your gastro intestinal system isn’t working properly, your brains not functioning clearly, and you’re just not feeling 100%, then it might be a fantastic time for you to do a detox.  Now there are lots of reasons why you can build up toxins in your body. It might be that you are eating poorly, lots of processed foods, maybe artificial colours and flavours, but it can also be other things in our environment, so maybe you’re using cleaning products that have a lot of chemicals or you’re just very stressed out which can alter your body’s chemistry. 

All of those things can make us more toxic and then what happens is our bacteria in our gut becomes out of balance, we start feeling quite bloated, we can get symptoms of fatigue and the things that should be detoxifying, like our liver and our kidney, just can’t do their jobs properly.  Well look, now there is a completely natural, herbal remedy to do your detox and it is very simple, it’s easy to take and it only takes 10 days out of your life. So I’m sure you all can manage that.

Now the fact that these have already sold 85 thousand in New Zealand, they’re the number one detox program. We can assure you it is the best that there is on offer. Now we’ve got an incredible bundle for you today. One hundred and sixty five dollars is all it’s going to cost. Now when you compare that to how much you spend on looking after your car, it’s really not much to look after your body. And this is better than anywhere you can buy this product. 

Now I‘d like to introduce you to Brett Elliott – thank you so much for coming in to the studio to talk about your product today.

Brett:   Thanks for having me

Mani:    No problem. Now you have been a medical herbalist for 19 years now

Brett:   Yes

Mani:    What is a medical herbalist?

Brett:   A medical herbalist is a herbalist that obviously is trained in herbal medicine but also that practices in a clinic situation.

Mani:    Okay. So you’ve had a huge amount of experience and you’ve designed this program a long time ago and you’ve had 85 thousand people now do the program and obviously having great success that they are coming back to do it again and again. Now tell me some of the feedback that you are getting.

Brett:   Well most people come back saying they feel lighter, more energized, happier in themselves and generally have more clarity as well.

Mani:    Right

Brett:   But also, it helps people manage their weight.

Mani:    Okay – really good point there too isn’t it. It can be a great way to kick-start any sort of weight management program. Now, why would the viewers at home, watching this, why would they want to do a detox, or why would it be that they’ve got toxins in their body and building up?

Brett:   Well generally it’s to do with our food industry, and our processed chemicals that are in our environment as well, but particularly in the foods that are processed down, that are difficult to digest, the body struggles and the chemicals in those foods start to accumulate and overload the system.

Mani:    Right. So it may be that you are eating a lot of processed foods now, you haven’t yet gone onto the whole food phenomenon which is coming back – I’m glad to hear that – because it’s so much better for the body, but it’s not only the food that you’re eating, so maybe you are on a really healthy diet, you do only eat organic foods and you’re only eating whole foods, you can still have toxins building up from other things can’t you?

Brett:   That’s right. The chemicals in our environment, the air we breathe in, the water we drink sometimes. We can think about it, your body is just like a vehicle we use to travel in and like a car it needs to be serviced and you know if you don’t service your vehicle, it might run for a few years quite smoothly but then one day..

Mani:    Bang, something goes wrong, costs you an absolute fortune, which is very similar to our body as well. So, yes, I mean I spend $500 dollars servicing my car – $199 is a pretty small outlay to spend on your body to do something that’s really good for it. So the sorts of people at home that you would recommend do a detox – what sort of symptoms might they be having?

Brett:   One of the really key symptoms is that when you wake up in the morning, you might feel sluggish or heavy or tired or just feel that weight – that you don’t feel like getting up in the morning. That’s a sure sign that you need a detox.

Mani:    Ok

Brett:   Because your body naturally detoxes at night and that process should be complete in the morning.

Mani:    Right – so we should be waking up with a spring in our step should we?

Brett:   That’s right

Mani:    And I bet most of you at home are not at the moment. Another thing that a lot of people complain of, especially when they are getting in times of stress, and probably need to do a detox, is gastro-intestinal symptoms – so do you get that a lot with your customers?

Brett:   General digestive imbalances – anything that’s indicating there’s something the body is struggling with is a sure sign you need to do a cleanse.

Mani:    Sorry to talk about this but things like belching, bloating, not going to the toilet frequently are all signs that your gastro intestinal system is not working properly and that is one of our big detoxifies. If things aren’t moving through the body within about 24 hours, or less, then toxins are sitting around in your body for too long aren’t they?

Brett:   That’s right – I mean the old saying “You are what you eat” but you are also what you absorb from your gut, and if your gut is not clean then you are re-absorbing those toxins.

Mani:    That’s a really good point – so this is one of reasons why the Ultimate Herbal Detox is such a fantastic formula is that – not only are you taking herbs to make your bowel functioning better, but they’re also supplying nutrition to your kidney, to your liver all of those detoxifying organs that need to work really well in your body. So let’s just have a look at the bundle that you are going to get today, and then we’ll talk about how you can use it and how simple it is to do. Now you’re going to get four of these bottles which all have a very unique function, 400 capsules in total to last you over 10 days of your detox. 

            So let’s take you through this Ultimate Herbal Detox program and how simple it is to do. It only takes 10 days, very very easy. Now it starts with the basis of these capsules, which all have very unique functions which we’ll go through, but basically you’ve got four bottles – you need to take five capsules from each of these individual bottles in the morning and you need to take five from each at night. So that’s 20 capsules in the morning, and 20 capsules at night, which is quite a difference from some of the other detox programs I’ve seen. Obviously, Brett, you’re getting a lot more there in terms of nutrition for your body.

Brett:   That’s right. There’s 23 herbs in here altogether and each of those herbs is at therapeutic level, so it’s quite a high dose program.

Mani:    Fantastic. Shall we have a look at what those herbs are and how they work. So the first supplement you will be taking is called Colonaid – now tell me a little about that one Brett.

Brett:   Colonaid has gentle stimulants in it which help support the bowel movements and it’s also got herbs in there which balance the bacteria in the gut.

Mani:    Ok

Brett:   You have a healthy balance going on.

Mani:    Great. Now this is a product, I’ll let you know I have taken at home and I really enjoyed it, I felt it had a huge effect in terms of how I felt about my general well being, definitely my gut functioning and I do have quite a sensitive gut. Now this is one of the things you guys will love at home is that not only will it help things move through a little bit easier, but it does it in a really, really gentle way, and that’s why you’ve got some of these things like Slippery Elm, which I’m sure a lot of you viewers at home have heard of if you’ve ever had gut complaints. So it helps to soothe while it’s helping to clear everything out.

Brett:   Absolutely. It’s also got Cloves in there which help control the bacteria but also have a pain relieving effect.

Mani:    Great. So it’s not going to leave you feeling uncomfortable like some of the programs can do, which is great to hear. Now the next supplement that you’ll be taking five of in the morning and 5 at night is the Digezaid. Now what’s that going to do?

Brett:   That supports digestion, helps the process of digestion. It’s got enzymes in it which help break down proteins and it’s also got soothing herbs in it – Fennel, Ginger and Peppermint, so it makes your whole detox process more comfortable.

Mani:    Cos what we’re trying to do here – if you’ve got toxins building up in your body, you haven’t been eating properly, you can actually get a residue building up on your gut, so this is going to help break that down, is that right?

Brett:   Yes – absolutely.

Mani:    And it’s all natural – its enzymes you would have heard of or fruit you would have heard of – things like kiwifruit, papaya, pineapple – we’ve all heard of those in terms of how well they help you break down your food. So again it’s going to reduce the amount of gastro-intestinal symptoms that you’re getting while you’re doing the detox. Just so it’s a really comfortable process for you and you can carry on living your life while you’re doing it.  Right – with the next supplement you’ll be taking is called the Gentlelax – now that, we can imagine what that does, but tell us about the herbs and things in there.

Brett:   Basically that’s a bulking fibre, so it’s largely Psyllium Husk powder but some Slippery Elm in there as well so it bulks and softens everything as it goes through.

Mani:    So the great thing with Gentlelax is just that – it’s really, really gentle on your gut – bulking agents just absorb water and they basically bulk up the volume that’s going through so it cleans everything  out on the way, without making you feel really uncomfortable. So I think that is a great product in there as well.  And then the last one you’ll be taking is called Livafood. Now this is all about looking after one of the organs that really does help to detoxify our body and feeding it.

Brett:   That’s right. That’s got very high levels of Milk Thistle, also some Dandelion and Golden Seal, so it supports the liver function.

Mani:    Fantastic. Now the thing that you are going to love about this – if you’ve ever done a detox before, you may have chosen one of several options, now one of the very common ones is to fast and to take a couple of tiny supplements with that, and the main issue that I’ve had with that and people I know have had, is that you can start to feel really fatigued.

Brett:   That’s right – yeah. That feeling of detoxifying can make people feel quite sick and so with this you’ve got the support of the herbs and the diet which is very nutritional.

Mani:    So with this you will actually also get some food information as well, so you can eat fruit and vegetables, there are some fats in there you can have as well as things like natural acidophilus yoghurt. So you’re not going to feel like you’re starving, like you’re depleted, that you can’t function on a day to day basis. Because I think we’d all love to do a detox program but we don’t want to have to take time out of our busy schedules to do it, and often people have had to go overseas and spend thousands and thousands of dollars on retreats, because there is so little that they are putting into their body to feed it in the process that they really can’t do anything else. So believe me, I’ve done this, you can take these products, follow the nutritional program and you’ll still feel fantastic in terms of your day to day living and its going to be helping you detoxify and really just giving your body a whole holiday from having to do its normal function isn’t it?

Brett:   Yes, absolutely. By avoiding the processed food and having the whole natural foods we get a super high level of nutrition, vitamins and enzymes, so it really is giving your body a holiday.

Brett:   What the sachets do is they provide you with super-foods like Spirulina and Barley Grass, but they also have all 23 of the herbs that are in the detox program in the sachet along with Pea and Rice protein so it is a vegetable source protein as well.

Mani:    So they’re going to be helping with your gut function, helping with your liver function plus supplying a little bit of protein, which you don’t get in the food that you’re eating during the detox, because you need to be sticking with fruit and vegetables – and that’s for a good reason – but sometimes people do get really hungry, maybe they’re doing exercise, you’re a guy, you need some more nutrition than the average kiwi, then you might want to use these, actually, during your detox don’t you.

Brett:   Absolutely – they can make a great breakfast or lunch during the program just to keep you going.

Mani:    Ok and all you need to do – we’ve got some orange juice that we’ve whipped up beforehand. So you’ve got your protein sachets – really great to chuck in your bag as well – you know when I was doing this program I’d throw a few  in my bag to take out during the day, cos I actually did it conjunction with the tablets, so I wanted the absolute full effect and really, really easy to whip up. Now you can whip them up with water, you can whip them up with juice, (just give that a good shake) and even though they look kinda funny, believe me it tastes beautiful, so if you’ve ever had spirulina before, mixing it up with orange juice is pretty much the exact sort of thing you gotta get. “Do you want to have a taste of that one? Cos I know what that tastes like now” It is beautifully sweet – if you mix it with water it still has a slight touch of sweetness. Its great isn’t it?

Brett:   Yeah it is

Mani:    I mean you could mix it in with almond milk as well or if you had raw organic milk is another option you can mix it with. So those smoothies are really great to throw in your bag and take with you. Use it either with your detox program if you are wanting some more nutrition because you are getting hungry, or I would use them also once a day after you have finished your detox, so it’s just going to help keep up with all those positive effects you are getting from doing the detox program. And what sort of effects are you getting? When people are doing it – or after they have finished?

Brett:   Even during the lead up to the program there’s a couple of days where you change your food – even in that stage you can feel a lot more energy, a lot more energised, but once you start taking the herbs then things really start to change. The first couple of days you can get a bit of a detox effect, but it’s fairly mild and after a couple of days the bowel movements starts to move a little bit more.

Mani:    Ok.

Brett:   You start feeling really great.

Mani:    Great, fantastic.  So after a couple of days definitely it does make a change and that’s what I found as well. The first few days, you know, didn’t feel too much different but after that things did start to move through a whole lot better. But one thing that you may be worried of at home, if you’ve ever done detoxes before is that some of them can have very harsh bowel stimulants in there which can give you rapid diarrhoea which means that you need to be near a toilet all the time. Now I found this to be incredibly gentle but really effective at the same time. Is that the sort of average comment that you get from people doing the program?

Brett:   Yes it is. It really a cleanse and build, so we’re not just detoxing the body on a rapid level we’re also nourishing and building at the same time.

Mani:    Yeah. Because of course there are other ways to clean things out, you may have had an enema done before, but look they leave you feeling dreadful, it’s not a particularly nice process to go through and it’s not feeding your body with nutrients. So going back to that again, with this you’re going to have nutrition here as well. Brett’s put together fantastic recipes that you’re going to get with the program, so you know what you can be eating at the same time to feed your body nutrients and not feel really low in energy while you’re doing it. 

Brett:   That’s right. The thing is you feel so amazing when you are doing it that it does change your habits a little bit afterwards so you can continue to feel that way.

Mani:    I think that’s a really good point too. 

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