Transform your life series: Part 1

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Video one: Why should you service your body? 

This video explains why servicing your body is really no different to servicing your car. If you want trouble free mileage then you should do it every year.

Transform Your Life Series: Part 1

Sarah:   Welcome to Brett Elliott’s “Ultimate Herbal Health” program.

We have been putting together a series of videos for those of you that are looking to improve your lives.

Brett has been medical herbalist for nearly 20 years and developed the herbal programs after recognizing the impact of a good herbal detox on todays’ most common health problems. His detox is now the number one herbal detox body cleansing program.

This is the first in a series of 4 videos designed to give you a greater understanding of why to do a detox, how to do it and what to expect.  And this particular video focuses on why our body needs a detox and when is the best time to do it?  So let’s get straight into it then Brett – Why do we have to cleanse out body?

Brett:     Well – it’s really your body is a vehicle, just like a motor car, so, we go through our lives, we do a lot of miles, just like a car does, and why do we service our car? We do it every year, we do it every 10,000 kilometers or every year because we know that if we don’t do it, sooner or later down the line we’re going to have a breakdown. And so it’s the same thing with our body, if we don’t service it, if we don’t do a cleanse every year, if we don’t give ourselves a break, then somewhere down the line we’re going to have a breakdown.  And the sorts of breakdowns we get normally are, you know, first of all irritating health conditions, but then we can start to get blood pressure, cholesterol, heart problems, weight gain – all those sorts of things. So we want to prevent those things – we want to do a regular service on our body.

Sarah:   So you mentioned there Brett, particular health problems, but – how can a detox – if you’re not experiencing any health problems as such, why would you want to contemplate a detox?

Brett:     Well just like a car, once again, you service your car every year because you know that by servicing it every year, you’re not going to run the same risks of having it break down on you. So exactly the same with your body, rather than waiting for something to go wrong or for some health problem, you’re better off to do the service and that is doing a Herbal Detox program.

Sarah:   So Brett, when would be the best time to do a body cleansing detox?

Brett:     Well it’s good to do it every year, just like you would service your car every year, but also when you start getting symptoms of toxicity or toxic overload, so in other words when your body’s feeling a bit sluggish, if you’re feeling a bit tired, if you’re getting digestive problems, if you’re starting to get blood pressure or cholesterol problems – those are the kind of things that indicate your body is really becoming overloaded and struggling to digest the food and toxins are starting to affect the system

Sarah:   So how does the body cleanse detox work then Brett?

Brett:     Well just the same as when you service your motor car – you take it in, and you change the oil and you change the filters – well the same things happens with the herbal detox.  You basically go onto a whole food diet, so you’re purifying your body by taking pure foods, you take a large dose of herbs as well, they stimulates all  the organs, so it’s like cleansing the filters – your liver, your kidneys – and gives your body a whole good cleanse.

Sarah:   Could you just explain what you mean by whole foods and pure food – what is that?

Brett:     Well it’s getting away from processed foods that we have a lot of so all the foods that are in a supermarket shelves that have been processed in the factories have chemicals added to them, preservatives, they’re processed and refined and all the life is taken out of those foods, so those processed foods, the body is struggling to digest and that’s what can be behind the buildup in the system and actually the need to do a regular cleanse or service on our body.

Sarah:   So, after you’ve done the body cleanse, detox, what kind of results would you expect from that?

Brett:     Well, again we know we’re talking about the motor car and how you service it – what do you experience? You experience more energy, you know, smooth running and less of those little irritations, those headaches and aches and pains and all those little digestive disturbances. So basically another year of smooth running is what we want to get – more energy and also maybe some weight loss.

Sarah:   Wow, that’s great. Well thank you Brett for sharing your knowledge with us and we look forward to the next video. 

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