You might think of celery stick munching as not very appetizing and I can understand that.

The thing is once you start a detox diet, celery takes on a whole new level of intrigue.

Not only is it crunchy but it is very versatile. I can be eaten raw, chopped and added to soup, or stir fry, pureed into smoothies and makes a great snack with a little guacamole or hummus.


Health Benefits

Seven main phenolic compounds were obtained from celery leaves including luteolin and apigenin. (2)


Because celery has a positive effect on reducing the acid load in the body, (in other words it is alkalising) it can help reduce acid-related conditions, such as kidney stones and arthritis. This gives credence to the trend of using celery juice to help detox the body. (7) 


Researchers believe that the flavonoid called luteolin from Celery may possess anti-cancer properties. One study published in Current Cancer Drug Targets said that “Recent epidemiological studies have attributed a cancer prevention property to luteolin.” (1)

Another study shows Apigenin has a synergistic effect in combinatorial therapy and induces apoptosis even in prostate cancer models resistant to conventional therapeutic regimens. (3)


Results of one study demonstrated that apigenin and apigenin-rich diets exert effective anti-inflammatory activity in vivo by restoring immune balance. (4)
In another 2013 study, it found that the apigenin, an enzyme found in celery, could help combat inflammation in the stomach. (6)

Blood Pressure and Cholesterol

Celery leaf extract reduced blood pressure, cholesterol, triglyceride, LDL and VLDL in an animal model of fructose-induced hypertension. In conclusion, celery leaf extract with its blood pressure and lipid-lowering effects can be considered as an antihypertensive agent in the chronic treatment of elevated blood pressure. (5)



It’s incredible how simple everyday foods can be powerfully medicinal, especially when consumed long-term. Buying a bunch of celery every week or two may not be the difference between health and imbalance, but when combined with other healthy vegetable foods regularly the benefits are immeasurable.

No wonder we have always been told to eat our vegetables.

You can find Celery in these recipes:



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