Kawakawa – Making Herbal Tea at Home

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Kawakawa Tea
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The great thing about herbal medicine is that you can often find what you need growing not far from home.

In New Zealand, we are surrounded by native bush on almost every corner, and one of the most common herbal medicines you will find growing locally is the amazing Kawakawa.

Today I’m making a simple Kawakawa tea with a little ginger and honey.

This plant is unmistakable and will be found growing beneath other slightly larger trees, like ponga or tea tree in this instance.

You can dry the leaves in a paper bag for a couple of days if you want to store some for later or make it fresh like I am here.

The perfect remedy for digestive stress and even just stress in general.

Apparently, the caterpillars eat the healthiest leaves, so often these are used for making herbal remedies. You can see the difference in these two photos below.


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