Raw Organic Cacao Slice

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This is a great recipe if you’re struggling with emotional eating or snack cravings in the afternoon or evenings. Perfect for replacing junk snack foods, like chips salted nuts, sweet chocolate bars or sugary drinks.

You can use this slice on your body tune or herbal slim programs or if you want to the maintenance detox plan.

Makes about 60 servings.


  • 800g Medjool Dates (can mix this with some other dried fruits such as banana, cranberries, or apricots)
  • 300g Raw Cacao Nibs
  • 100g Raw Cacao powder
  • 150g Sunflower seeds, 
  • 150g Walnuts and 
  • 150g Desiccated coconut
  • 100g Chia seeds
  • 100g Date syrup (or 50/50 Molasses/Honey)
  • 100g Coconut oil
  • 50g Raw coconut sugar
  • 25ml Natural Vanilla Extract


Method: (see video below)

You will a good high-speed blender food processor for this recipe, and also a very large cake or roasting dish.

First, place the dried fruit in a saucepan and cover it with ‘just boiled’ water, and this will need to soak for at least 20 minutes to soften. Otherwise, it won’t purée up in the blender.

While these are soaking go ahead and measure out all of your other ingredients so they’re all ready to go.

Next, take the nuts and seeds and chop them up in the food processor until they’re smaller than half a grain of rice.

Put the nuts and seeds aside in a very large bowl.  This will be your mixing bowl for the entire slice. 

Add the cacao powder the coconut and the coconut sugar, and mix well in your mixing bowl.

Next place the cocao nibs in the blender and grind these up for 3-4 minutes in the blender until they start to warm up and clump. Add them to your mixing bowl and combine with the rest of your dry ingredients.

You might still have to wait a little while for the soaked dried fruit to be nice and soft.

Drain off the water and replace it with a 400ml can of coconut cream. This will make your hold together better and last longer. The next step is to put this in the soaked fruit processor, along with the coconut oil, date syrup/molasses (or honey), vanilla and Chia seeds. You want to process this down into a thick puree which could take a couple of minutes in the blender.

Then we can combine the dry ingredients in the wet ingredients together for a few minutes in your large mixing bowl until well blended.

Then simply press into the tray and place in the fridge to set.

An optional extra to melt some extra good-quality dark chocolate over the top after it sets, and sprinkle with cinnamon.

Keep refrigerated.

One piece a day should keep the cravings away!

Good luck


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