Transform Yourself 2-Month Coaching Program with Medical Herbalist, Brett Elliott

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Transform Yourself 2-Month Coaching Program

Brett Coaches you day by day, over 2 months as you complete the most comprehensive Herbal Health program in the world, offering transformational tools, including the following components.
  • 1 week of preparation
  • 1 month of deep cleansing with herbal remedies & recipes. Herbal Detox & BodiClenz
  • 1 month of metabolic support and craving control with herbal remedies and recipes. Herbal SLIM & BodiTune
  • Cleansed & Cured‘ plus ‘Unconditional Energy Healing‘ Glossy colour books (200 pages each)
  • Daily emails with videos, educational articles, tips and adviceAllow for 7 days of preparation coaching before you start taking the 2 month herbal program. In other words sign up for the coaching program 1 week ahead.

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Transform yourself Coaching program

A Step By Step, Daily Guide During Your Program


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