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Hi there, I am on day three of the detox program and everything is going well so far. I am now looking at your slimming program for after the detox. Could you please tell me how many pills you take per day on the slimming program and how long you recommend doing it for. I am currently 69kgs, Im 168cm, according to your BMI calculator I could lose 7.5kg to be an ideal weight. I am very active and fit, I know that my excess weight is all due to my eatting, not so much that i eat terrible junk food but that i eat to mych bread/pasta/rice and too much food in general. Also i just recieved your email today about the $20 discount offered, I went to purchase the slimming pack and entered the code and it then told me that the code was invaild or expired, could you please let me know what i am doing wrong as I would like to order the slim pack soon so that it is here for when i finish my detox in 7 days. Many thanks for your help

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