I need help with chronic back pain

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Hello Brett, I stumbled across your booklet and eagerly read it… I was excited to read your 'biography' on the back of your booklet…regarding your journey to heal a severe back injury…needless to say I felt a surge of hope that your story offers an alternative . I have been seeking a natural answer/alternative to a longstanding back problem. Basically the medical profession has come to the point that it is something I have to manage as surgery is not an option. I have come to realise, that I need a comprehensive understanding of what my body specifically needs to heal…something I don't have, so I feel although I have made some steps in the right direction seeking natural alternatives (with some success and some disappointment} I don't have a full enough picture to make a real difference. I am utterly tired of living life on pain medications…seems like its a win/lose situation. I would dearly like to find a natural way to deal with my condition. From what I have read, the detox is a great place to start….however i would like to know if I should approach this gently because of the 'toxic load' from pain meds. I understand you and your wife operate a Practice in tauranga…as we travel often for work would it be better to make an appointment initially and see how best to manage the process. Kind regards Liane

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