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Dear Brett,

I did the 7 day preparation for the detox and then 10 days on the detox program. I have always had constipation problems since my late teens (I am 41 years old). I have been seeing naturopaths for about 10 years now and stopped last year. I have done about 6 different detoxes, non of which cleansed my bowel, mostly like liver detoxes.

I finished the 10 day detox yesterday and don’t think I got rid of the plaque yet. On the 8th day I had only about 2 bowel movements, the 9th day, I had about 6 bowel movements, one which was darker but not stringy. And on the 10th day, found it quite hard to go with only one bowel movement.

I am not sure now what to do. I feel better and felt good on the detox program, it was not so hard to adhere to and I enjoyed the fruit and veges and above all the smoothies. but the last few days I few like I have slightly less energy and a very slight headache, something feels strange in my head. I wonder if I should do another detox or wait for a few days to see what happens while continuing the healthy diet.

Please could you advise me as what you think I should do?
Thank you.

Kind regards,
Tracy Kikuchi

PS: I am lactose intolerant and gluten free (I have been for about 4 years now) but started to take the acidophilous yogurt on this detox.

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