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Low BMI Detox

Hi Brett, I have previously eaten only raw foods for 12 days after advice from a friend that it would boost my energy levels. I felt great but I lost 3 kgs from 55 to 52 and I'm 174cm tall putting me on the edge of the BMI chart. I also have low bone density so I can't afford to lose any more weight. If I was to do your detox how do you recommend that I maintain or increase my weight? I currently eat a lot of bananas, meat, and brown rice but these are not included in your plan.

Brett's Answer

Actually I would recommend a lot of greens, spinach, rocket, silverbeet and plenty of protein from yoghurt, milk, whey powder, pea and rice protien powder during the detox, and more vegetable protein after your detox like lentils, dahl, chickpeas, mushrooms, eggplant. Also regular eggs, like 6-8 per week. Lots of good fats will also be very helpful for your growth hormone levels, so after you detox soft cheese, full fat yoghurt, avocado, coconut oil, olive oil, cashew and brazil nuts.  I hope that helps, and I'm sure if you use the protein and green smoothies on your detox you could actually gain some strength.   

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