Brett’s Healing Secret – The Parts That Make You

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You might have thought “I wish there were just a few universal rules that I could follow to achieve ultimate health.”

Well … Good news, there actually are such simple rules.

I’m going to share a few little-hidden secrets that I have picked up over the last 20 years in herbal medicine and energy healing.

Keep an open mind and I’m sure you will find them useful.

The Secret.

“What you are is a sum of the parts that make you. If those parts are pure, clean, colorful and alive, then so will you be”

This is not really a secret because it dates back thousands of years. For example, Hippocrates, the Father of modern medicine said: “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” (1) and we all know that saying “You are what you eat” which is also quite true.

My take on this is “You are a sum of the parts that make you”

This includes a lot more than just food but also takes into account environmental factors, attitudes and beliefs which result in emotions, habits, and behaviors.


“If those parts are pure, clean, colorful and alive, then so will you be”  

Let’s break it down..

Pure = Uncontaminated and unadulterated with additives and chemicals. Organic food, natural household products, unprocessed and unrefined foods give your body pure nutrition without the extra rubbish. Charity, kindness, generosity and compassion and all pure and full of life. These things fill us with nutrition to grow and healing power to regenerate.

Clean = Of high moral character, good, right and of high standing. Thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes. Dirty things are like energetic spam getting in the way of healthy functions. Drugs, addictive substances, and habits, dirty unclean thoughts towards others. Anything that is unclean cannot and does not promote health or healing but stands in the way. If we have these habits then we will feel like we need to detox ourselves both physically and emotionally. Staying physically and morally clean is a big factor in health.

Colorful = Bright, full of light and variety. Again this includes food, attitudes, and beliefs. Nothing affects your health more negatively than stagnation, repetition, and lack of variety. You need a wide variety of colors in your diet, and a broad range of knowledge, experiences, and culture. This is all food for your body and mind which makes you stronger, more rounded and resilient. The dying, sick, unhealthy person nearly always a dull, boring old stick in the mud, no matter what age.     

Alive = Living and life-giving. This includes living foods, such as fruits and vegetables, light, air and water. Vibrant, moving and electric, full of truth, spirit, and life. If we consume things that are essentially dead already then they give us nothing. For example, overcooked or factory processed foods have no life left in them. Dead meat, chemical man-made food, negative beliefs, hatred, anger and unforgivingness, grudges and judging others are also of dead energy. We need life-giving things to give us life.


Your body is made up of trillions of individual cells each with its own distinct function. There are literally thousands of different cell types all requiring unique requirements. With hundreds of different nutrients available in food, it’s no wonder we can become deficient in some of them. By eating a wide variety of natural plant foods we have the best chance of obtaining all we need to maintain health.

By eating pure, clean, colorful and alive food we also receive biologically active nutrition which is the key to ultimate health.

So remember…

“What you are is a sum of the parts that make you. If those parts are pure, clean, colorful and alive, then so will you be”

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Many Blessings


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