The key which opens the door to healing energy flow is actually not hard to find.

It’s just that sometimes the most obvious thing is the very thing we overlook. The answer to our problem can be right in front of us, but we often tend to look beyond it for something more advanced or complex.

Today we are going to look at the power of simplicity.

A great example of the power of simplicity versus complexity can be seen in the atom. For example if you compare hydrogen to plutonium. Hydrogen has only one proton and one electron Compare to uranium which has 94 of each.

The energy from Hydrogen is much more available than the energy from plutonium. We can light a match and triggers the release of energy from hydrogen but we need a nuclear power plant and a particle accelerator to get the energy from plutonium.

Also the simple element of hydrogen is much lighter and floats in the atmosphere. Also when you look at the elements that are used by living creatures in the processes of life they are all very simple. For example hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and carbon.

Even our DNA is made from the simple elements. You could say that when we come into the world that we are very simple also, and the information that is transmitted by our DNA is clearly received.

As we go through life things get more complicated, and we start to respond to the various complexities of life. It is our responses and the mechanisms that we used to cope with the stresses of life that are largely responsible for complicating and confusing the cells in our body. You could say that these mechanisms such as our attitudes, opinions, beliefs, world view and other constructs that we put in place actually interfere with the pure simple messages that we had in the beginning.

The video below explains this quite well.

Relations that lead a simple life such as those living on the islands or in the countryside appear to have less of the complex health issues that we suffer from highly populated areas like cities. (1,2)

The simple life is the healthier life, and keeping it simple maybe the most powerful tool when it comes to self-healing. Not only does it create space for more energy to flow but it also encourages better communication within the bodies network hormonally, neurologically, and genetically.

One of the best ways to achieve this is through meditation which we spoke about in the last chapter. Another way to simplify the processes internally is to perform a detox or cleanse on the physical level. We will talk about this more in the chapters to come.


Examples of “Keeping it simple”

“Complexity invites dis-ease while simplicity brings peace and health to the body and mind” 

In other words, like the old saying goes “keep it simple stupid” (KISS) or as I like to say “keep it simple genius” 

Let me explain how this can apply in our everyday lives.

Complex: Drive around the block four times in a traffic jam looking for a parking space right outside the door
Simple Take the first parking spot you see within a 1 block radius of your destination and walk

Complex: To lose weight start counting calories, restrict serving sizes, go gluten, dairy, sugar and fat-free
Simple: Eat unprocessed food

Complex: To reduce your asthma, go to your doctor get a prescription and start using chemical inhalers
Simple: Eat raw onions, berries and stop eating bread and pasta

Complex: Fight your way to the top of your profession, working massive overtime to achieve wealth, status, power and possessions
Simple: Do what you love to help others and follow your dreams

Complex:  Go to the gym, pay a trainer, get a personal program and work out for 10 hours a week
Simple: Go for a 20-minute walk twice a week, get plenty of fresh air, sunlight, water and eat well

Complex: Go to every doctor, health practitioner and health store, try dozens of natural health products to try and feel better
Simple: Do an Ultimate Herbal DETOX program once every year and make one small improvement to simplify your lifestyle



The Theory behind the secret

What makes you immediately feel sick in your stomach? A new pile of paperwork thrown onto your desk, being stuck in a traffic jam, getting put on hold, or waiting in a long queue, the many financial challenges we face as adults and the long forms you have to fill out at the bank or tax department. All of these things represent complexity in life and that causes frustration. It feels like you’re being blocked and your energy starts to bottle up.

That’s because we are much happier when life is simple. You don’t see many animals having a nervous breakdown or falling into depression. Their lives are much simpler and therefore they are generally much healthier. It’s only when humans start interfering that animals seem to suffer.

It’s exactly the same with our food and medicine.

Keep it Simple


Complexity invites disease

For example stress, anxiety, depression, digestive disturbances, eating disorders, and metabolic imbalances can all be caused by difficulties in life.

When you add chemicals, additives, pollution, radiation, drugs, junk foods, red meats, alcohol, sugar, and other acid-forming foods to your body it becomes very hard for your body to deal with.

You can see how complicated life can become and how quickly that can begin to erode your health. As the body and mind struggle to process everything that’s thrown at them the burden can eventually take you down.

It’s the pure and simple things that heal.


How simplicity heals

If you look at any great success story or genius solution to a problem it always comes back to simplicity. Here is a classic.

Albert Einstein’s   E = mc 

This simple formula applies to all energy and matter in the entire universe.

Every advance in technology is a step of simplification and ease because the more we understand the laws and principles behind things, the simpler they are to follow.

Compare these two aircraft, for example, you can see how the design has simplified with time.

Aeroplane - keep it simple                    Aeroplane - keep it simple

Ultimately the answers to any problem should be the simplest.

There is another saying that goes “the simplest answer is most often correct”

This is called Occam’s razor.

Occam’s razor is more commonly described as ‘the simplest answer is most often correct,’ although this is an oversimplification. The ‘correct’ interpretation is that entities should not be multiplied needlessly. Researchers should avoid ‘stacking’ information to prove a theory if a simpler explanation fits the observations.

The same applies to all aspects of life, especially when it comes to health and healing.


Simplicity in Health

By performing a Detox program we simplify what we put into our body by having only pure, clean, whole unprocessed foods. This allows a simple digestive process and that frees up a lot of extra time and energy for your body to perform its natural healing function.

One mistake a lot of people make when they start using ‘alternative’ traditional and natural medicine is making things complicated. The complexity of this can defeat the purpose entirely and create more stress, worry, and confusion that was present at the beginning. This is a common error and may natural health practitioners make the same mistake. The answer is not complex, it’s simple.

Love heals the heart, but also the body. You can show somebody your love in many ways any of which can encourage healing. I have practiced energy healing for many years and the simple fact is that compassion, empathy, love and simple touch can help heal the body of another. Sometimes that’s all it takes. It’s pure and simple.

From this observation, I have seen that light, air, water, and simple food can all do the same thing. They contain healing powers because they are simple and they follow basic universal principles of life. They give our body’s that simple basic law of living energy. Sometimes we just need to stop, take a break and breathe.

Herbal medicines are the same, they are pure, simple and have healing power.

So Remember…

“Complexity invites dis-ease while simplicity brings peace and health to the body and mind” 

Brett Elliott  ®


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(1) Quantifying Urbanization as a Risk Factor for Noncommunicable Disease. PUBMED

(2) Urbanization and the risk for chronic diseases of lifestyle in the black population of the Cape Peninsula, South Africa.