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  • 3 x peeled and roughly chopped kiwifruit
  • 2 x passion fruit (or pulp if it is out of season)
  • 1⁄2 a cup of plain organic unsweetened yogurt
  • A cup of milk (Almond or rice milk if you prefer)
  • ​1 x DETOX n SLIM Sachet  

Peel and roughly chop the kiwifruit then add to Ladyship Blender Add passion fruits then plain unsweetened yogurt. Add the cup of organic milk. Add DETOX n SLIM Protein powder and blend until smooth and ready to drink. 

Did you know?
Passion fruit is an excellent digestive stimulant, contains vitamin A and C and provides soluble fibre for healthy digestion. Kiwifruit has double the amount of vitamin C of an Orange, weight for weight. We use whole, freeze-dried organic kiwifruit in DETOX ‘n SLIM for high antioxidant value and digestive enzymes in addition to any raw fruit you might add.

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