The Ultimate Herbal Candida Program


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Candida Program

Candida is a silent invasive parasite and is hard to detect. Normally it is kept under control by our healthy micro-organisms and our immune system, but when we are down in energy or our gut is compromised it can cause real problems. This program supports the resolution of candida through its antimicrobial and parasite herbs as well as encouraging good gut flora.

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The Herbal program includes to following:

A double Deep Cleanse Program (Pictured above)
1 x BodiClenz smoothie powder 500g (contains 28 Herbs). Take one smoothie each morning.
1 x Ultimate Herbal DETOX (480 capsules), Colonaid 120 caps, Digezaid 120 caps, LivaFood 120 caps, Symlax 120 caps. Take 4 capsules from each bottle at bedtime with water.  Please Note – Capsules are Gelatin

While completing this 4-week program follow the other dietary advice and recommendations above, and use the other remedies mentioned on this page. Controlling Candida Naturally 

To heal the gut wall and encourage healthy gut flora. Take 50ml from the fridge first thing each morning before your BodiClenz Smoothie

To encourage healthy gut flora:

Paraclenz Anti-Microbial Liquid 500ml

ParaClenz – Herbal Liquid Formulation

ParaClenz Antimicrobial, and antifungal Liquid Formulation 500ml.

It contains a blend of the following herbal extracts in a base of pure New Zealand bush honey.
Click the names to read more about each ingredient.

Take 15ml diluted in water at bedtime, over the 4 weeks.

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