Unconditional Energy Healing – Part 10 – The Mind

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We can be so ‘immediately busy’ that we can lose sight of our ultimate goal and purpose. We can have so much going on in our lives that our minds can become overloaded and stressed. After all, what is the real purpose of life? There are many philosophical ideas about this topic. I would like to suggest that the purpose of life is simple. To learn how to successfully exist, and co-exist, as spiritual beings in physical human bodies, and to learn everything that goes along with integrating the physical, mental and spiritual parts of ourselves. Everything else in life is probably superfluous to that single purpose. It’s all about learning to integrate body, mind, and spirit. They say “life’s not a dress rehearsal” but perhaps life is in fact, a body, mind, and spirit test, or practice run.

You will see in the next simple diagram, how the spirit is at our very centre, (sometimes called our heart) which is from where the endless reservoir of unconditional healing energy pours out. Previously we have talked about the healing energy traveling vertically from the top down, and yes it does that also. Healing energy naturally flows in two major directions, top-down, and inner to outer. You can experience energy moving in both these directions as you practice the methods I will be sharing with you.


Because healing energy comes from the realm of what we commonly call ‘the spirit’ and we ultimately need it to reach our emotional body, it will need to pass through our mind first. However, no matter how hard we try, it’s usually a filtered ‘Chinese whisper’ of healing energy that gets through to the body, so we need to cleanse the layers of this filter, and realign ourselves regularly, especially the mind.

Let’s start by talking about how the mind can be used as a powerful tool in energy healing and describe a simple alignment process for you to experiment with. Remember when we talked about energy exchange, and how we need to rise above our emotions in order to have any control over them? This is where the mind comes in. If we are engaged in worldly pursuits like study, work, business or pleasure, and involving our mind in these a lot, then it can become mentally and emotionally stressful. The trick is, to continually reconnect to our inner, higher, pure energy source for healing. Worldly goals are great, but our health always needs to be our top priority.

Here are three simple steps you can use to empower your mind to manage your emotional state and align it with the healing energy source.


Step 1. Identifying Priorities

 Have you ever tried to completely stop thinking? It’s almost impossible, isn’t it? Our mind is constantly occupied with the future and the past, not to mention the present. When you combine these you have a continuous stream of thought processes going on. Most of these thoughts revolve around our ego, the desires of our body, and dealing with inevitable emotional stress and pain. Very few of these thoughts have anything to do with our higher purpose, the ultimate truth, or unconditional love and healing, and therefore simply distract and disconnect us from the pure source of universal truth, light, and healing energy.

Here are some of the distractions I am talking about:

  • Focusing on a promotion at work
  • Personal business success
  • The new house or home improvements
  • The perfect spouse or relationship
  • New car, boat, or a holiday
  • The perfect body and sexual gratification
  • The latest technological gadgets
  • Sporting achievement or other accolades
  • Food gratification, addictive substances
  • Status, power, and position
  • More money in the bank

I urge you to be brutally honest and to openly test yourself with a ‘reality check’. Take another slower look at the list above. Then sit down and try to quieten your mind and see what thoughts pop to the surface. I guarantee, for most of us, 99% of these thoughts will have something to do with that list. One way you can gauge your priorities is by what is ‘front of your mind’.

You’ve heard the saying “put the horse before the cart”. Let’s apply that principle here, and experiment by changing that list to a new list of higher priorities. Try meditating again while directing your focus on these things instead, and see how it feels.

  • Your higher purpose
  • Spiritual progress
  • Inner peace
  • Love
  • Lasting happiness
  • Physical health
  • Truth and light

Turning your focus to these things initiates the process of connecting with healing energy within yourself as it emulates your higher perspective, centres the mind, and quiets many of the processes around past, present, and future worldly endeavours. To start with, it’s good to just practice focusing your thoughts on these higher priorities during the day and see how you feel as a result.

The first list encompasses what you would call ‘worldly endeavours’ and they serve to do nothing more than distract us from our true purpose in life, which is to learn about ourselves, understand our body, our mind, and integrate these with our pure, loving spirit.

We then become a body/mind/spirit being who is patient, kind, tolerant, and compassionate with others. Ultimately everything else will fall into place once we have a clear connection with this cosmic blueprint which was laid down by the great universal intelligence, and conveyed by unconditional healing energy. We connect with our built-in higher guidance mechanisms. Everything then becomes less painful and difficult, and our path is made clear. Confusion becomes a thing of the past and we know exactly what it is we need to do next. Worldly endeavours then begin to simply manifest as natural outcomes of the creative energy we radiate. All we have done is put the horse before the cart and progress are made by default.

woman meditating near lake

Step 2.  Real intent
In the previous chapter, we talked about channeling, and clearing the channels from the bottom up. This means starting with cleansing the body, which can be done by detoxing with herbs and a clean diet, along with some short periods of fasting when possible. We also suggested grounding yourself, with massage, exercise, sexual activity, and connecting with nature.

Next, we talked about clearing the emotional level by letting emotions out, such as singing dancing, laughing, crying, even yelling; but most of all just being open with our emotions and letting them flow. This opens the channel for our mind to release energy, and as you do this you will be more able to take control of the emotional and physical body. You will now be moving into a place where the power of your mind is becoming clearly evident.

Now is the time to choose your thoughts deliberately in order to tune into, resonate, and connect with healing energy. Because you have opened the channels and placed yourself in the right space, with the higher universal perspective, your mind is now becoming the driver of your emotional/physical body.

Using the principle of simplicity and understanding the nature of tapping in and channeling you can now switch on the flow of healing energy directly with the power of your mind. All you need to do is intentionally focus on a higher truth that directly aligns, tunes in, and resonates with your higher purpose and the source of unconditional healing energy.

Remember, the listening, looking, feeling method of meditation and how that can give you direct awareness of the healing energy by way of light, sound, and feelings. As you start to connect with healing energy mentally you probably will get feelings in your head and brain. This can vary greatly, but generally a combination of buzzing tingling, pressure, little electrical impulses resulting in blissful sensations. You may get shudders, little shocks, or even strange warm magnetic feelings around and within your head. These are all signs that you a connecting to the healing energy. They are all OK.

The most important thing to remember is not to judge or try and process these feelings. Just let yourself feel them, let them release, and allow them to be passively processed by the healing energy. Remember the energy has universal intelligence built-in. It is simply going to break down any resistance without any effort on your part, but this letting go process can take time and practice.

You just need to focus your intention towards opening yourself up allowing this energy to travel downwards in your body and outwards as heat. When you’re breathing remember to visualise your breath going all the way down into your body and exhaling all the way from deep down, even from your feet. This generates electrical thought impulses and helps your body to release stored stress-energy and toxins. Deep breathing is so healing for your body that it should become an integral part of the healing process on all levels.

Your ‘real intent’ should be focused towards tangibly receiving the healing energy within your mind, as both thoughts and feelings. The funny thing is, the less you do, the more you will receive. Simply meditative breathing with an open awareness will usually do the job.

Think about it, the first thing we want to do when unwell is sleep. That’s because the body needs to stop and take a break in order to heal. We also know that if we don’t take a day off each week, and a two-week holiday each year, we will either collapse in a heap or get sick. This same rule of simplicity applies to our health on all levels. When we stop, take a break and do nothing, our body automatically connects to a deeper level of energy and healing. We also need to apply this basic principle of healing to our minds. After all, all sickness ultimately comes back to our minds in some way. If we could only stop our minds, and put our minds on holiday we would all experience a much deeper connection to unconditional healing energy.

It’s not really possible to completely stop the human mind, as you will have experienced. Even when we sleep our minds keep racing around with all kinds of strange and obscure thoughts. There is one simple, effective way of calming the mind.


Step 3.  Focused thought

Because it’s virtually impossible to stop the human mind from thinking, the best approach is to use focused thought. This is a very common practice throughout the world in various religions and spiritual practices. For example, prayers are recited in chapels, and mantras are used in meditation. The key thing is, to keep it simple.

I have found over many years of practice that the most powerful words to use in meditation are “I am”. The reason for this is that nothing goes deeper. It connects with your very identity, your Ego, and your Spirit. Think about it; probably the first sentence you uttered was “I’m hungry Mum”. If you repeat the words “I am satisfied” enough times, you will quickly find that your hunger reduces. A great weight loss technique by the way.

However, I suggest choosing something that you already know you need to work on mentally. If you don’t know what that might be, start with something that is causing you stress. For example, if you are the kind of person who gets easily financially stressed and worries about money a lot, you could choose to focus on a short phrase like “I am abundant”. If you are the type of person who feels isolated from others and the world around you and is lonely, you could choose to focus on a short phrase like “I am connected” or “I am loved”.

There are literally endless possibilities when it comes to beginning this process of focused thought. What I am going to share with you here however is a list of phrases you can use to tune in to Healing Energy and which trigger the most powerful experiences of energy movement.

I suggest meditating as previously outlined, with the ‘look, listen, and feel’ technique, for a few minutes each, then slowly repeating these absolute truths in your mind. As you repeat these phrases you will get confirmation of their truth by way of direct experiences of healing energy. Peace, love, warmth, and the release of pain, stress, and grief. The phrases will help resolve false, negative beliefs, attitudes, or opinions and directly increase access to healing energy, by clearing the filtering mechanism of your mind.

It is good to repeat them slowly and breathe deeply as you ponder each one. Try using one phrase per week, as this will allow time for them to integrate and manifest their full healing power in your body, and radiate into your life in general. You will naturally want to race through them for quicker results, but trust me, the more time you spend on each one, the deeper will be your results and your healing experiences.

If you use one phrase per week, there are actually 46 weeks of healing meditations below. If you can do 10-20 minutes of meditation each day you should achieve rapid and measurable healing. If you can do an hour or more, you could also have massive enlightenment experiences similar to those I have described. There is literally no limit.

You can read this list quickly through now, but you will want to come back to it later and work through the individual phrases over the coming weeks, months, and in some cases, years. The fact is, you will never stop benefiting from this practice.

“I am” Healing Phrases (Perhaps placed into a table)

I am a spirit, I am in a body, I am open, I am worthy to receive, I am inspired, I am patient, I am trusting, I am looked after, I am beautiful, I am pure, I am light, I am energy, I am spiritual, I am a channel, I am connected, I am eternal, I am accepting, I am making progress, I am nourished, I am precious, I am loved, I am fulfilled, I am content, I am joy,

I am compassionate, I am tolerant, I am forgiving, I am impartial, I am detached, I am peaceful, I am giving, I am loving, I am growing, I am learning, I am changing, I am healing, I am one with everything, I am receiving light, I am receiving knowledge, I am guided, I am truth, I am a creator, I am unconditional, I am Love, I am that I am, I am God is Love.

For these phrases to take root and connect us to healing energy it is crucial to remember the greater purpose of our lives. We are all here on earth to learn and make progress. We are experiencing these physical bodies and this physical world with all of our limitations. It is an integration experience. We are learning to integrate our spirit with our body, to integrate the infinite and eternal within this finite, temporary realm of dense matter. This can be frustrating and painful, and because of this, many false ideas about life spring into being.

For us to fully integrate we are challenged with these false ideas from all directions, and loving, tolerant relationships should become a priority. You will notice in the list of phrases that many of them revolve around patience, kindness understanding, and forgiveness. This is because we simply can’t integrate within ourselves without also harmonising with other human beings. Love is absolutely central to the entire experience.

I should also mention that when using these on yourself you will sometimes experience resistance to them. Your mind will disagree and argue against some of these phrases, and that’s perfectly normal. Remember we are here to learn. If we already knew everything there was to know about experiencing this type of existence then why are we here?

Dropping our ego and humbly letting go of our past ideas can be difficult, but ultimately it leads to the most happiness and healing. If you find yourself mentally arguing with any of the phrases then take it as an encouraging sign, and take a little more time with it. This means you can make some rapid progress by taking that particular phrase on board in more of your meditations.

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Choosing your phrases

The fact that you may not agree with some of the phrases means you have work to do and therefore a mildly disagreeable phrase could be one worth starting with. For example “I am worthy to receive” is challenging for many, or “I am loved” may not ring true for some. Some phrases you will quickly accept and the feeling of healing energy will confirm their truth. Those which you find a little harder to accept will require more time and meditation, but the energy experiences can be even more profound when they are accepted. This is where the most healing can be found. Working with the phrases you find the most challenging will bring you the deepest emotional, and the quickest physical healing.

You will be able to recognize acceptance of the phrase immediately, by the sights, sounds, and feelings that come within just a few short minutes spent meditating on the phrase. Once you start fully accepting the phrase the energy will make itself known to you and peace will come. Eventually, the phrase will become absolute knowledge and the energy will take over, healing will flow, and a soft warm light will appear to shine within you.

Of course, there are almost endless combinations of words you can use, and these can be tailored to your individual needs. I have chosen to use these phrases based on my experience and after seeing thousands of patients in my clinic. These are the most commonly applicable phrases.

How the phrases heal

I’ve used 46 phrases because within every cell in our body we have 46 DNA containing chromosomes. Chromosomes contain our DNA, and each chromosome is responsible for a number of developmental characteristics and for healthy cell replication. (1)

At the end of each chromosome is what’s called Telomeres, and these Telomeres are like tiny DNA antennae communicating between the DNA and the body. Their job is to convey the message “this chromosome has healthy DNA and is OK to keep replicating”. Telomeres are called ‘noncoding DNA’ because instead of genetic code they contain sequences that act as regulatory elements, determining when and where genes are turned on and off. (4, 5)

If the telomeres on the end of the chromosome become damaged their communication becomes hampered, eventually indicating that the cell should stop being reproduced. As a consequence, those cells cease replication and die off. Cancer cells on the other hand have intact telomeres and trick the body by lying about who they are. (2) They must have been defying the truth or receiving and believing false information somehow, which poses an interesting question. Does false information such as instilled beliefs, attitudes, and opinions contribute to ‘imposter’ cell formation and can the truth prevent this from happening? I’ll leave that for you to think about.

In normal cells, telomeres shorten with age and can serve as an early predictor of the onset of several diseases, including high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and dementia. Studies have shown that people who meditate using positive phrases maintain increased telomere length. (3) Essentially, this means the cell’s DNA is staying more intact by meditating. Interestingly, the mechanism behind this anomaly is not yet fully understood. That’s a fascinating discovery don’t you think? Let’s imagine for a moment that as you meditate and repeat the healing/truth phrases, you are tuning in and receiving informational energy directly from universal intelligence which is communicating with your cellular DNA via telomeres, overriding any false signals that may have been previously sent to those particular cells in your body.


Even more interesting, from a psychological perspective, telomere shortening can be accelerated by several behavioural elements, including a bad diet, lack of sleep, smoking, alcohol abuse, and sedentary lifestyle. It’s, therefore, no surprise that several psychological factors, such as personality characteristics, psychiatric disorders, and mental stress are also known to affect telomere length. (3) Once again this points to the theory that accepting absolute universal truth can protect and heal or DNA.

As you meditate and repeat the healing phrases over time, your body will receive its full pattern of information, and naughty cells should begin to function correctly again. You will feel the stress-energy change to peace, gentle warmth, and bliss in your body, and this indicates cellular healing is taking place.

Anyway, back to the phrases for a moment. To achieve my highest energy experiences, visions, etc. I have often used the last phrase “I am, God is, Love”. This phrase is last because it’s what I consider the most profound, so don’t rush into it. Let me explain how I do this in more detail.

Let’s start with the first two words. When you say “I am”, it immediately calls out to your ego/identity, which is exactly what we talked about rising above and letting go of. So, when you think the words “I am”, it is good to think of that higher perspective, your spiritual centre or heart within yourself, which is with the place from where you can feel true unconditional love, and also the place where the healing energy actually enters the body and emanates from. The key here is to get your heart and mind to synchronise and harmonise with the healing energy and leave your ego out of the picture. I suggest mentally repeating these words very slowly, in fact, it’s good to just say “I am” on a slow inward breath.

The next two words “God is” are referring to the great, infinite, intelligent source of life and the universe, which also includes the healing energy. Depending on your belief system or religion you may replace the word God with whatever fits into your thought system or spiritual understanding. As a Christian myself, I use the word “God”. The point is, that when you use the two words “God is” after the two words “I am” you are essentially acknowledging the existence of your spirit, and the great universal spirit, and connecting the two. I suggest repeating the two words “God is” slowly, also on a long out-breath.

Lastly, you can mentally repeat the word “Love” in the next deep breath. Now you have the connecting mechanism which is responsible for giving us all the light, knowledge, and information that our body needs to heal itself and to be made whole. Fully understanding this unconditional infinite, living, and breathing love energy that comes from the universal divine source will probably take many lifetimes’ worth of learning, both in this physical world and beyond into the next. But contemplating it and focusing our thoughts on understanding the connection between that ‘I am’ within us and the great infinite Intelligence behind and within our universe will bring us the strongest connection to unconditional love and healing energy possible.

I can’t stress enough, the power of practicing your healing meditations on this and the other phrases. Searching with your looking, listening and feeling senses while breathing slowly and repeating these phrases can bring you deep, quick, and powerful healing results.


Getting results.
Okay, now you have made the connection, opened the channels, and intentionally encouraged the healing energy to flow, you should start seeing some results almost immediately.

The reason is that you have now gone directly to the source, you know what you’re looking for, what it might feel like, and how to generate energy movement. If there are blockages or resistance within your body or mind, they will show themselves as pressure, pain, shuddering, or electrical and magnetic tingling. Remember, the healing energy requires nothing of us other than to tune in and let it go, so there is nothing to fear. All energy movement is positive.

Time out, space, and relaxation will be very important in allowing the results to manifest. It may take some time and practice, but it’s not something you can force. A sure sign that you are getting results will be a sense of lightness, peace, and warmth coming from within your body and radiating outwards. Another good sign is energy moving down through your body, so you may experience more physical energy in your lower body.

In the next chapter, I’m going to talk about a specific method to use your hands and encourage more energy to move and more healing to take place.

Keep up the good work.

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