One of the mistakes we make as human beings is thinking that the busier we are, the more we are achieving. Well, that all depends on what you think achievement is.

You can be so busy that you can lose sight of your ultimate goal and purpose. We can have so much going on in our lives that our minds can become overloaded and stressed. After all, what is the point of life? I would like to suggest that the purpose of life is simple. To learn how to successfully manage being a spiritual being in a human body, and to learn everything that goes along with integrating those physical and spiritual parts of ourselves. Everything else in life is actually superficial to that single purpose.

You will see in the diagram below, how the spirit is at our very centre, (sometimes called our heart) which is where the endless reservoir of ultimate healing energy pours out from unconditionally. Previously we have talked about the healing energy travelling vertically from the top down, and yes it does that also. Don’t worry if this is a little confusing as healing takes place in two directions, top down, and inner to outer. You will experience energy moving in both these directions as you practice the methods we will be giving you very soon.

Right now we are going to talk about how the mind can be used as a powerful tool in energy healing and describe a simple process for you to try. Remember when we talked about energy exchange? How we needed to rise above our emotions in order to resolve them. This is where the mind comes in. If we are engaged in worldly activities and involving our mind in these a lot, then it can become mentally and emotionally stressful. The trick is, to continually reconnect to our inner and higher pure energy source for healing.

This needs to be our top priority.


Have you ever tried to completely stop thinking? It’s almost impossible isn’t it? Our mind is constantly occupied with the future, the past, and even the present. When you combine these you have a continuous stream of thought processes going on. Most of these thoughts revolve around our ego, desires of our body and with resolving emotional stress and pain. Very few of these thoughts have anything to do with our higher purpose, the ultimate truth, unconditional love and healing, and therefore simply distract us from the ultimate source of truth, light, and healing energy.

Here are some of the distractions I am talking about:

  • The promotion or new job
  • Business success
  • The new house or home improvements
  • The perfect person or relationship
  • New cars
  • The perfect body and sex
  • The latest technological gadgets
  • Sporting achievement
  • Food gratification, addictions
  • Status, power and position
  • Money in the bank by the millions

Step 1. Identifying Priorities
I urge you to be brutally honest and to openly test yourself with a “reality-check”. Take a look at the list above. Sit down and try to quieten your mind and see what thoughts pop to the surface. I guarantee, for most of us, these thoughts will have something to do with the list above. This is one way you can gauge your priorities.

You’ve heard the saying “put the horse before the cart”. Let’s apply that here and maybe change that list of priorities. How about focusing on these things instead.

  • Your higher purpose
  • Spiritual progress
  • Inner peace
  • Love
  • Lasting happiness
  • Physical health
  • Truth and light

Turning your focus to these thing begins the process of connection with healing energy within yourself and begins to bring the mind to center, and quiets many of the processes around past, present, future and worldly endeavours. To start with it’s good to just practice focusing your thoughts on these priorities during the day and see how you start to feel.



Step 2.  Real intent
In the last section we talked about channeling, and clearing the channels from the bottom up. This means starting with cleansing the body, which can be done by detoxing with herbs and a clean diet, along with some fasting when possible. We also suggest grounding yourself, with massage, sex and connecting with nature.

Next we talked about clearing the emotional level by letting emotions out such as singing dancing, laughing, crying, even yelling or screaming, but most of all just being open with our emotions and letting them flow.

This opens the channel for our mind to release energy and as you do this you will be more able to take control of the emotional and physical body. You will now be moving into a place where the power of your mind is becoming extremely effective.

This is the time to choose your thoughts deliberately in order to tune into, resonate and connect with healing energy. You have opened the channels and placed yourself in the right space, with the higher perspective and your mind is now becoming the driver.

Using the principle of simplicity and the understanding the nature of tapping in and channeling you can now switch on the flow of healing energy directly with your mind. All you need to do is intentionally focus on a higher truth that directly aligns, resonates with the purpose and source of ultimate healing energy.

Remember the method of meditation and how that can give you direct awareness of the healing energy by way of light, sound and feelings. As you start to connect with healing energy mentally you probably will get feelings in your head and brain, which can be a combination of buzzing tingling, pressure, little electrical impulses. You may get shudders, little shocks or even strange warm magnetic feelings around and within your head. These are all signs that you a connecting to the healing energy.

The important thing to remember is not to judge or try and process these feelings. Just let them pass and allow them to be processed by the healing energy. It is simply going to break down any resistance and this can take time and practice.

You need to focus your intention towards opening yourself up allowing this energy to travel downwards in your body and outwards as heat.



 Step 3.  Focused thought

Because it’s virtually impossible to stop the human mind from thinking, the best approach is to use focused thought. This is a very common practice throughout the world in various religions and spiritual practices. For example prayers are recited in chapels, and mantras are used in meditation.

The key thing is to keep it simple. I suggest choosing something that you know you need to work on mentally. For example if you are the kind of person who get stressed easily and worries a lot, you could choose to focus on a short phrase like “I am OK” Or if you are the type of person who feels disconnected from others and the world around you and is lonely, you could choose to focus on a short phrase like “I am connected” or “I am loved”.

There are literally endless possibilities when it comes to beginning this process of focused thought. What I am going to share with you here however is the phrase I use to tune in to Healing Energy and which get the most powerful experiences of energy movement.

I simply use the phrase “I am, God is, Love”. Let me explain.

Let’s start with the first two words. When you say “I am”, it refers to your ego, which is exactly what we talked about rising above and letting go of. So when you think the words I am, it is good to think of that spiritual centre or heart within yourself, which is with the place where we can feel true unconditional love and also the place where the healing energy actually enters the body and flows from. The key here is to get our heart and mind to synchronise and harmonise with the healing energy. I suggest mentally repeating these words very slowly, in fact it’s good to just say “I am” on a slow inward breath.

The next two words “God is” is referring to the great, infinite, intelligent source of life and the universe, which includes the healing energy. Depending on your belief system or religion you may replace the word God with whatever fits into your understanding. As a Christian myself, actually a Mormon, I use the word “God”. The point is, that when you use the two words “God is” after the two words “I am” you are essentially acknowledging the existence of your spirit, and the great universal spirit, and connecting the two. I suggest repeating the two words “God is” slowly also on a long out breath.

Lastly, you can mentally repeat the word “Love”. Now you have the connecting mechanism which is responsible for giving us all the light, knowledge, and information that our body needs to heal itself and to be made whole. Fully understanding this unconditional infinite, living and breathing love energy which comes from the universal divine source will probably take many lifetimes, both in this physical world and beyond into the next. But contemplating it and focusing our thoughts on understanding the connection between that I am within us and the great infinite Intelligence behind and within our universe will bring us the strongest connection to that unconditional love and healing energy.

I can’t stress enough the power of practising your healing meditations on this phrase. Searching with your looking, listening and feeling senses while breathing slowly and repeating a phrase like this can bring you profound and rapid healing results.

Getting the results.
Okay, now you have made the connection, opened the channels, and intentionally allowed the healing energy to flow, you should start seeing some results almost immediately.

The reason is, that you have now gone directly to the source, you know what you’re looking for, what it might feel like, and how to encourage it to flow. If there are blockages or resistance within your body or mind Then they will show themselves as pressure, pain, shuddering or electrical and magnetic tingling. Remember, the healing energy requires nothing of us other than to tune in and let it go, so there is nothing to fear.

Timeout, space and relaxation will be very important to allowing the results to manifest. It may take some time in practice but it’s not something you can force. A sure sign that you are getting results will be lightness, peace, and heat coming from with in your body and radiating outwards. Another good sign is energy moving down through your body, so you may experience more physical energy in your lower body.

In the next section I’m going to talk about how you can use your hands to encourage the healing to take place.

Keep up the good work.

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