Unconditional Energy Healing – Part 11 – Using Your Hands

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If you’ve read the previous articles, you’ll have noticed that we’ve really gone into the background around what the energy is, how to connect with it, the nature of healing energy, how it moves, and all that sort of thing.

It’s really not complex, and ultimately, simplicity is the golden key to getting this technique to work. When you strip it down to the basic principles, it actually couldn’t be any easier. Instead of choosing to repeat old patterns we simply choose to meditate on accepting new patterns. This does not require any effort, but instead, it’s simply a choice. It’s not hard work, but rather a decision to let go.

You don’t need to do a lengthy course of training, gain a degree or anything like that. A certain percentage of us actually have a bit of a healing gift. It’s an innate ability that we’re born with, like an artist or musician. Others may need to work at it a little bit, but in essence, it’s a very, very simple thing to learn.

Think about this for example. When you get a headache or pain in your body, your natural instinct is to place your hand there to comfort yourself. We think of this as just a natural instinct, and it is. Humans have a built-in healing touch, and we all have it, without exception. That’s because our hands have the ability to transmit this healing energy outwards from our hearts.

Think of it another way. When a baby cries and you pick up the baby, your natural instinct is to rub the baby on the back and use your hands to comfort it, plus your heart always opens and you feel a sense of compassion, empathy, and love. So, there’s more than just a physical thing taking place with the hands. There’s actually an emotional, mental, and spiritual thing taking place there, and it’s called energy healing.

The transfer of this healing energy is actually manifesting because compassion is a form of love. It’s caring about another person and that’s immediately going to switch on the inbuilt healing power that we have with our hands. Also when we do it with ourselves we’re actually showing ourselves compassion, whether we’re aware of it or not. That can sometimes be the hardest thing for us to learn to do, have self-compassion, self-love.

I want to talk a little bit more about the energy now. We’ve already spoken about this previously, but the healing energy is a form of energy that’s real and tangible.

Healing energy is measurable by our own senses and comprehensible by human consciousness, and just like the other five senses, our sixth sense is real. It’s the feeling of the living EM biofield and there is molecular evidence that supports the mechanism by which we can sense changes in these fields. It involves the major electrolytes in the body which open channels within cell membranes.  

Yes, of course, we already know we can feel it, but we can still use the method of meditation, tuning in, and resonating to become more aware of feeling this energy. Taking on the same perspective as the universal source of healing energy, this unconditional source of intelligence and life. When we tune into that, are we’re actually able to start connecting and feeling the healing energy grow clearer and stronger.

Remember how we spoke about healing energy as being a form of electromagnetism, or electromagnetic energy? That energy travels directly through our body, especially through our nervous system. Think about this for a minute. Our nervous system runs on electricity, which is, in essence, an electromagnetic energy, a form of light. Our brain and our nervous system are the channel for that electrical energy. Let me tell you this for certain, it’s also the major channel through which healing energy moves. Our nervous system is our brain, our spinal cord, and our peripheral nerves. They then branch out to connect with the muscles in our body.

We all know we can get electric shocks. We also know that electricity travels through our bodies quite well. It’s the same with healing energy, but it will only travel when you connect the circuit. In other words, when you touch somebody and you show compassion with your hands, you’re creating a solid connection for that energy to move through. You can however connect with somebody quite well just by moving within their EM biofield. You can also connect remotely but that’s more subtle and advanced, so I’m just going to focus on the hands-on method.

These connections apply to us when we want to do self-healing.  Let’s talk a little bit about how to heal yourself with your hands. Unfortunately, I’m not going to be able to use animations, just illustrations, and I’m not going to show the moving hands, but what I am going to do is show you the key points on your body that are most important to connect with.

As we spoke about, we need a connection to take place with the hands in order for the circuit to be complete, so that energy can flow. Now this energy emanates, you could say, from our heart. We’ve got an energy point that is above and beyond, our physical brain and it’s in our centre, our core, our spirit, our soul.

It’s where the body and the spirit meet, and we often use the term heart, soul, or our spiritual centre, our spiritual heart, and that’s actually where the energy emanates from, in the body. Although, as you know, we’ve spoken about it coming down, it does actually come down through the brain and the nervous system, but this heart is another point where, at the very highest level, it disperses into our being.

The spiritual heart is where we release and share absolute compassion and love, and it’s also where our spirit centre rests within the physical realm. You’ll see this in different philosophies and religions that it’s indicated around the centre of the body, or solar plexus area, but it can vary a little bit depending on what you read.

When we have compassion, when we care, our spiritual heart opens up, and when we put our hands out we are opening a channel for this energy to travel through our body. It travels to our hands. What we need to do then is place our hands on the person. In this case, we’re going to work on healing ourselves with our hands.

 hands on head

When you’ve got a headache, you naturally place your hands on or rub your head, but what I would recommend doing is putting two hands on your head, and often, this is easier to do when you’re lying down. Use the points on either side or on top of your head. This can be around the temples or around the ears, and even sometimes on the back of your head, using two hands. These points on the head are very powerful and you find the longer you spend working on your head the clearer your looking and listening meditations will become. You may experience very powerful magnetic energy around your head, and this could take some practice to understand, so be gentle with yourself and relax.

Next, placing a hand over your heart itself is very effective. What I find excellent is to put one hand over the heart and one hand over the stomach, almost side by side.

hands on heart

Those points are extremely comforting a self-assuring. When you do both hands you’re creating a nice, almost figure-eight circuit which is fantastic. You can do these two points together, and what you would normally do is lay the hands-on there, do the tuning in exercise with the meditation and repeat in your mind the healing phrases we talked about earlier. Then, just open yourself up to allow the energy to flow and to feel the energy move.

The most difficult thing for people sometimes is to have a sense of self-love and self-compassion. That’s why it’s important to lay hands on yourself because it gives you a natural instinctive response that you’re showing compassion to someone, in this case, yourself. The easiest way I find to do that is to go back to what we spoke about in one of the earlier chapters and adjusting our point of view/perspective.

This is what I called ‘taking a higher perspective’. Essentially, going above your own personality and ego, viewing from beyond, seeing the big-picture, and realizing that you’re just like every other human being on the planet. We’re all struggling, suffering, and experiencing pain of some kind. There’s anxiety, and there’s stress. There’s emotional turmoil. All of these things go on throughout our lives and there’s no way of avoiding them. It’s just a matter of how we deal with these incidents. Self-healing is a very effective way of going within, processing, releasing the stress, learning, and growing from these experiences.

When we physically lay on hands and tune in to the healing energy that we’ve talked about earlier, we immediately start feeling peace, and stress starts to move out of our body. With your sense of feeling in your hands, it’s worth noticing the electromagnetic energy movement. You may feel a kind of tension developing in your hands, which is due to the magnetic field interacting. Where there is tension or even pain there is energy that needs to be released. Just breath and allow whatever comes to the surface, and heat should start to radiate. The tension will then begin to dissipate. I will talk more about this process soon.

Lastly, I should also mention the torso points on either side, just below your ribcage, where your digestive organs, liver, pancreas, spleen, and gallbladder reside. As part of the gut-brain feedback system within the body, these digestive organs not only have to contend with toxins but also emotional stressors, all of which affect us hormonally. Giving healing on these positions can have rapid, noticeable effects.

Those are the main hand positions that I suggest. Two hands on the head, two on the heart and stomach, and the two torso sides around the digestive system. It’s good to start from the top and work your way down, but, to be honest, it really doesn’t matter. If you can do this for five or ten minutes a day on each point, you’re going to be giving yourself substantial self-healing. Even the meditation alone starts the ball rolling, but the hands-on self-healing takes things to the next level.

hands with light

To complete this chapter about healing with the hands I’d like to talk about what might happen, what you might feel, and the way you can actually enhance this process.

One thing I’ve found is, when you’re really connected with the healing energy, your hands actually emit quite a bit of magnetism and potentially you can feel it. Some feel it stronger than others. When you push your hands together, let your muscles relax, open up your senses, you may just feel a gentle magnetic resistance between your hands.

You might start to feel a magnetic push or pull depending on what’s going on, but generally, you’ll feel a push, like opposing magnets, and you might feel some warmth start to generate between your hands. When you place your hands on the body you might feel a similar thing. You might feel warmth, and generally, when there’s a lack of energy in your body you’ll feel the hands being pulled in, and when there is excess your hands will be repelled. You may have met people that have a lot of baggage and stress in their lives. They actually tend to repel other people and eventually they push people away.

In other words, parts of your body have been under depletion, with not enough energy, will draw you in, so your hands will literally be pulled in and energy will flow into that area. If there is stress or build-up in the body, which is the most common thing when we have bottled energy up in processing, it becomes bigger, and there’s a mass of energy, you’ll feel it pushing your hands away. You’ll need to gently push into that excess energy until you start to get vibration or heat. The healing energy will simplify and correct the complex, and eventually, that excess energy should disperse as heat, and the push will diminish.

There’s definitely a combination of different things that can happen, but you don’t need to analyse it. You can’t do any harm, so simply let it happen and trust your instincts.

Last, but not least, you can actually encourage this energy to move a little bit quicker by moving your hands around. You might have had your hands laid on the body for a few minutes, and you feel that there’s energy that needs to come out. Sometimes there may even be pressure or pain, or discomfort as the energy moves. A bit like popping an energy pimple, or passing a stubborn, large bowel movement. This feeling can happen as the energy is moving out. It can occasionally be a little bit uncomfortable but should bring great relief after a few minutes. So yes, you can encourage the energy to move with your hands. Apply them over your body and move them up and down in sweeping motions, outward around the top of your head and downward over the body. This all helps the energy release and radiate out from your body. That’s the ultimate goal of it. So feel free to go with the flow. Usually, I sweep my hands around approximately 3-4 inches away from the body.

There’s no strict protocol you have to follow. Just allow yourself to be guided and directed by the energy and by your intuition. That’s what I really love about this method. There’s no strict protocol. You do what you feel comfortable with. Go where the pain is. Go where there’s discomfort or stress. If you go with what feels right for you, you’ll get a great result.

With a little time and practice, you will develop a sensitivity to the energy and actually feel what is needed, by default. Just like you used to rub your sore back, or rest your aching head in your hands, you will find it becomes second nature to caress your energy field and comfort your stress points with hands-on-healing.

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Processing Pain
One of the most difficult things to overcome when going through any holistic healing process is letting go of past hurt, trauma, and emotional pain. Remember we talked about how we develop an ego structure in chapter one, and our false expectations of fair energy exchange with the world in chapter two? It’s these two things that form the basis of our pain.  In Buddhism, they call it attachment.

Once we start down a path of healing it’s inevitable that pain from the past is going to surface. Once we start applying the ultimate universal truths with our mind and showing compassion to ourselves, the healing process will escalate and these past pains will come up as visceral emotional feelings.

Before we delve into this a little further, let’s take a quick step back and talk about energy again. Everything in our universe is a form of energy, either a solid, liquid, gas, subatomic particle, waveform, emotion, thought, or spirit. No matter what form energy takes, it will, or has simply moved from one form into another. This is the first law in physics, the law of conservation. It’s important to remember this when it comes to healing from our past.

Every event that has ever happened to you throughout your life had an energy effect on you, whether it be uplifting or crushing. An uplifting event allows you to open yourself and release your infinite, loving, creative energy. In contrast, a crushing event, such as mental-emotional trauma, accident, financial ruin, material loss, natural disaster, lost love, or illness is much harder to process and therefore causes your energy to be entangled in a complex process.

In theory, it’s all just energy moving from one form into another. The problem lies with our ego and our expectation that only good things should happen, are acceptable to us, can be processed, and let go. So-called ‘bad events’ leave their unacceptable energy with us. Therefore, we struggle to process them, and we often don’t allow the associated energy to be assimilated and released.

The process of unconditional healing will challenge these unprocessed energies, allowing them to move and be released with almost no effort on our part. However, it’s worth repeating, we do tend to hold tightly onto many of these perceived ‘negative’ events and use them as anchors to maintain our self-constructed ego/identity and beliefs. Letting these energy complexes go also requires us to let go of the related ego construct or belief we have built around them, and that’s where we’re often the most deeply challenged.

Thoughts such as “My family member was not meant to die; that accident should never have happened, or my partner should not have cheated, lied, or walked out on me” etc. hold up our energy flow. What we need to learn is an acceptance of all things as simply energy moving from one place to another, to remain unconditional after the event, to accept the process as part of life’s journey, and let it all go. We can learn and grow from these events, and in that respect, they are all blessings. I know this sounds too easy, but ultimately as you go through this energy healing process, tune in and connect, you will find everything effortlessly ends up as heat. Yes, just heat.

As you work with yourself, feelings may surface, pain may appear from nowhere, and a lot of thoughts, dreams, and memories will come up for processing. What I recommend doing is practicing a simple outward breathing release of all energy with the knowledge that you are simply letting infinite energy flow, and “let it all go”. Imagine yourself breathing in energy from the infinite, unconditional reservoir of healing energy, love, and acceptance, and breathing out the breakdown products of your mental, emotional metabolism, namely, heat.

Just like air is breathed in, metabolised (processed/broken down) and released, so will all the complex stress energies from your life be metabolised, broken down, and released as heat. Remember, the world is not fair, and it never was. This world is full of error, man-made ideas, and is therefore misaligned with the higher laws of universal, unconditional love. We need to ‘get over it’, deal with it, learn from it, accept it and let it be.

We can’t change the whole world, we can only change ourselves. The world of horizontal energy exchange has no equity, and never will. We must tap into the one-way vertical energy channel and pour that energy out into our creative endeavours. We are co-creators and as we understand this secret to tapping energy and our channel becomes clear, we will see the manifestation of our healing energy all around us. Don’t expect anything in return, just pour out your infinite energy, create, manifest, and love unconditionally.

One thing I have found after many years of healing work, is the importance of regular crying, and I don’t mean sobbing uncontrollably, or being a constant emotional wreck. What I find works best is what I call ‘the crying breath’. In other words, as you go about your daily life, and especially during your meditation you will often feel energy hit your emotional gut centre and this can cause tiny internal tremors or convulsions. As you become more sensitive and aware of these subtle feelings, your gut may twitch or quiver a little. Think of this as emotional channeling and see if you can tap into it. Breath in deeply and as you breathe out, allow yourself to feel a gentle sadness, compassion for the pains of the world, yourself, your friends and family, and the struggles you have all had. Let your stomach feel a little softness, tenderness, and have a small silent cry of its own. Practicing this method continuously will help you clear both emotionally and mentally, and can keep you clear over the long-term.

Ultimate healing actually happens when we completely and continuously let our feelings go, let our heart open, let our mind step aside, and drop all mental constraints. Once we have made this energy connection, simply ‘letting go’ is the key to maintaining a daily state of unconditional healing.  In the next chapter, we’re going to talk about how you can heal others by sharing this technique with them, and by channeling healing energy through your hands.

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