In this summary chapter, I am attempting to say the same things we said earlier but using slightly different wording. If you feel that you need a review, you can always skip back and read that specific chapter again.

Sometimes we are our own worst enemy!

We may struggle to accept ourselves, we. may feel inadequate, unworthy, afraid of rejection, or abandonment. We yearn to be loved and accepted and yet we self-sabotage, get triggered by our past experiences, and behave in ways we wish we hadn’t. We then have a tendency to hold onto guilt and regrets, further punishing ourselves.

All of these things may cause us to spiral into addictive behaviors, emotional eating, alcohol and drug use, or even a withdrawal from achieving our life’s full potential. Sadness, loneliness, anxiety, and depression can result.

If you combine the total prolonged, cumulative effect of all of the above stresses and their reactions, it starts to show as physical pain, fatigue and eventually a sickness/disease state may occur.

Does this picture sound familiar?

It’s a pretty common pattern and you’ve probably seen it in your own family. In fact, just about every person that ever lived has gone through this type of scenario, no matter how rich, successful, or beautiful they may appear to be. Nobody is immune to the process of dis-ease. An old trick is to hyphenate the word disease into dis-ease. It’s important to remember that health is a state of calm, balance, and harmony called ‘homeostasis’ in medicine. In other words “health is a state of peace”. This occurs when the body/mind/spirit operates in harmony or even more accurately, resonates together as one entity. No matter whether you’re living on a tropical island, a laborer working in a mine,  a millionaire tycoon, or a famous movie star, the same rules apply, and we all struggle to integrate them into our lives.

In this chapter, you will discover how your complete picture of health can be achieved by applying this over-arching principle of health in its fullness. Here I am going to summarize a lot of the material we talked about in earlier chapters and combine it into one ‘big picture’.

Let’s do a quick recap of what we’ve covered so far, and connect it all together.

Note: You can click the headings to go back and review the full chapter on each topic. 

Taking a higher perspective
In order to attune ourselves with healing energy, we need to rise above our worldly self and see things from a universal, unbiased position without the earthly boundaries of language, culture, country, or even our religions. We can still maintain all of these, but we need to see things from the unconditional standpoint of a cosmic being, that is eternal, and exists ‘in this world’ but not ‘of this world’. We must rise above the worldly state and resonate with our higher, ‘true selves’ to gain healing.

What is the worldly state I speak of? It mostly revolves around our selfish Ego. This ego is formed from very young and can be easily recognized by selfish or defensive behavior. This ego is largely the result of our desires for everything to go ‘our way’. We wrongly feel at a very young age that the world owes us a favour, that everything should be plain sailing, that we already know everything, and nothing should need to be learned. However, we quickly get knocked back, and this is when our ego kicks in. They call it the ‘terrible two’s’ when we start defiantly saying NO to our parents. Yes, it all starts from there, and many of us construct massive ego defense systems, to the point where they actually take us over during times of stress and we turn back to the ‘false I am’ ego.

We say “I am right” and “you are wrong”, “I am” qualified in this or that field of knowledge, “I am” deserving, “I am” from this place, and “I am” from this country. The list is endless. Ultimately these Ego-based types of “I am” statements are false, and not who we are at all. We are actually an eternal cosmic being that is not actually from this world at all, but from a far, far higher and much different dimension where these worldly constructs serve no purpose. It is to this other dimension we will return after our short stint on Earth is over. We need to remember that, first and foremost. That knowledge puts us in the right place to start the healing journey.

Many have an epiphany at some point in life that reminds them of this. A near-death experience, accident, illness, or loss of a loved one. Others may simply begin a search for truth and discover this along the journey. Either way, it’s essential to drop the dress rehearsal and realise our eternal nature in order to progress.

All human beings are our brothers and sisters, as we are all created as inhabitants of this same planet, and all have our origins in the same melting pot of created spirits. With this knowledge must love each other with compassion, understanding and forgive all mistakes. Accepting this places you in the right headspace to be healed. This is the first step.

Energy Exchange
The energy that builds our false Ego can be put down to the energy exchange with the world around us, which comes in the form of ‘give and take’ but more often than not it’s ‘take and take’. Because of the worldly nature and because of our selfish egos, we tend to want to accumulate more and take whatever we can for ourselves. We have also often developed a tendency to believe that the world owes us a favor because of the commonly held beliefs in some type of equilibrium, like karma, yin yang, or ‘as ye give so shall ye receive’. All manner of these beliefs fail and disappoint us on earth.

The nature of healing energy, on the other hand, is infinite and flows one way unceasingly. It comes from the universal reservoir of unconditional energy, similar to the energy that powers the sun, the galaxy, and in likeness to what the religions collectively call God, the creator, or the source of all existence. This energy is never-ending and has no conditions, other than resonance. We simply need to resonate and tune in to receive this energy. The simplest way to do that is with the absolute truth, above and beyond all man-made versions of the truth.

Unfortunately, the world has fed us with so many false versions of the partial truth, disguised as absolute truth but cloaked in another ego serving outer shell. We have been told many lies by ‘the system’ by those we look up to, the media, our hero’s in sport, cinema, music, scientific institutions along with many other supposedly credible sources. Parts of truth can be mixed with falsity and mistaken for the whole truth. The absolute truth is actually written into our DNA and onto our spiritual hearts. We all know it, deep down inside and it’s contained within the energy and feeling we call LOVE. This type of love is not emotional, romantic, or infatuation, but is the kind of love a parent has for their child. The love of God has for us comes in this same form. It is one way, unconditional and infinite. This is how healing energy is received from above and beyond this world, yet simultaneously it permeates every atom of this physical world.

Tuning in
In order to receive energy from another source, the receiver must be attuned to the source transmitter. The energy of radio and television signals can be sent from the ground to satellites and around the world at the speed of light as electromagnetic waves. The light from the sun travels in the same fashion and can be received on earth by plants and by solar panels. In order to receive the energy, the receiving devices must be on the same resonant frequency or be able to tune into that frequency. Think of yourself as a receiver of healing energy. Now imagine that there is a transmitter the size of the entire universe and remember what we just talked about regarding energy exchange. The energy is unconditional and infinite, it flows in our direction from above and has the nature of pure universal love. What frequency do you think you will need to tune into? We will answer this shortly.

For now, let’s focus on the principle of ‘resonant transmission and reception’. The antenna for a TV or radio signal must ideally match the wavelength of the signal to receive a clear sound or picture. (3) This means the antenna can pulse in tune with the signal and vibrate accordingly. As it does this the signal can be decoded. It’s simply vibrating in response to an energy wave that is pulsing towards it. Of course, we do this every day with light and sound, but what about the more subtle aspects of ourselves. We are receiving all kinds of energy signals from around us in the form of thoughts, emotions, intuitions, and even love itself. The point of this is simple. By tuning in with the source we can receive ultimate healing energy without any effort being made.

I want to highlight this point again for you NO EFFORT IS REQUIRED!

The process is simply one of TUNING IN!

What is the healing channel and how do we tune in and get a clear signal? I will also come back to this in more detail very soon, after we discuss what this energy actually feels like.

What is Healing Energy?
One thing I am aware of is that energy healing has been seen by many as ‘airy-fairy’ and not scientific at all, and that’s where a little scientific grounding is necessary. Scientists are very familiar with electromagnetic energy and its use in modern medicine including xray, MRI and CT scans, radiotherapy and laser treatment, to mention just a few. We also know that our body responds directly to electromagnetic energy from the environment, including infrared, ultraviolet (UV), and even microwaves. (1) High-resolution nuclear magnetic resonance has even become one of the most prized tools in the fields of organic chemistry and biochemistry. (3)

We also know that our genes and genetic information can be changed by applying environmental energy. Thoughts, vision, emotions, and even physical feelings are all relayed to and from our body, mind, brain (consciousness) via electromagnetic impulses. It would appear that almost all aspects of our biology and our planet rely on electromagnetic energy to function. Why on earth would energy healing then appear to be something esoteric or mystical, when it simply makes perfect common sense. Millions of out of body experiences and near-death experiences report a state of consciousness that is beyond the physical, therefore we must somehow move into an energy field of some kind.

A living breathing energy field, which is just beyond the perceivable field of energy for the human eye and ears. But not beyond our ability to feel with our own energy field. Our body’s electromagnetic energy field is well recognized. Recently Magnetoencephalography which measures magnetic fields produced by the human brain became one of the major non-invasive imaging modalities to study the human brain. (2) It’s just that with all of the busyness and harsh energy that comes at us throughout our lives we slowly shut down this subtle electromagnetic awareness. As young children, many of us will have had energy experiences that we have probably forgotten. It is this awareness that we all need to open up, reactivate, and expand upon in order to sense, feel, and experience the ultimate healing energy. Our revision summary of the quickest methods to do this is coming up next.

Remember the >95% of the universe is made up of energy which scientists do not yet understand. This is our reservoir of energy from the higher planes of existence, where universal intelligence resides, and healing energy is poured out and down upon us giving us life, in the form of information to construct matter, atoms, and molecules such as DNA. Potentially that same source of information and energy is creating our universe, and that’s why the universe is continually expanding, just like we are from within. The belief in evolution by chance and random events is, by its very nature, is a little naive. For example, the Darwinian scientific community is clinging to the theory that the first forms of life formed in a primordial soup or puddle. Of course, DNA would have to be the first molecule to form, as this is the basis of all living cells. Without DNA there would be no way to produce a single-celled living organism. DNA is by far the most complex molecule in living cells, and yet it must be there at the very beginning of evolution. When you consider that according to theories today, just a few grams of DNA can store all the information ever produced by mankind, and it basically lasts forever (scientists have fully decoded a 700,000-year-old horse genome (4)), it makes absolutely no sense. How does the most complex molecule come first?

It makes no sense whatsoever that this would be the beginning of the evolutionary process. A highly advanced piece of molecular technology is not where evolution begins, but it is where God is found. By understanding this profound truth, we make a massive step towards connecting to healing energy. You and I were created by an intelligence beyond our comprehension. So it is with the purpose of our lives. Everything is designed for our learning and growth, and nothing is as it seems, or as those in the greater world around us would have us believe.

Every piece of absolute truth you accept, understand and integrate into your being, activates a part of your genetic code, as it connects to the source of universal truth, light and love. As you learn, grow and come to understand more of the absolute universal truths, your bandwidth connection to the healing energy expands and your signal becomes more and more complete. It is this more complete signal the creates a healthy state of mind/body. Only truth can make the connections happen. Anything that is false can not connect with the source of this universal love. Whenever something false, incorrect or even misleading is accepted there is an immediate disconnect, the light is dimmed and the picture becomes clouded. It’s a very fascinating principle.

Any absolute truth will tangibly manifest as a connection to healing energy!

In contrast, Falsity is a belief in the nonexistent, which can only leave you in the dark feeling disconnected.

The only way to clearly identify what these ‘absolute truths’ are is to maintain that universal perspective while seeking out a place of pure love and peace within yourself. This only comes through practice and patience. Ultimately the healing energy will become increasingly clear to you and you will perceive this as a witness of absolute truth. Eventually, it can become as clear as night and day, like the lights are either switched on or switched off. There are of course thousands, maybe millions of absolute truths and likewise an endless supply of subtle, deceiving untruths. The tricky part is working your way through them and switching over to more truth every day. It’s a lifetimes work and probably even more.

Tapping In with Meditation
One of the most important factors in energy healing is awareness. You have probably met people who are completely unaware of themselves and their surroundings, which can be very embarrassing for everyone involved. This lack of awareness is due to ego and self-involvement. There is simply too much going on within for the person for them to engage and observe with things around them and become self-aware. Interestingly, a recent trend in self-help circles is the practice of mindfulness. This is involves living in the present moment, observing, and taking in all the beauty around us. It also means forgetting the past, and caring not for the future, just living in the now. This is great, but sometimes this can also be distracting and actually leave us looking outwards for happiness.

To tap healing energy we will need quiet space and to experience a tangible feeling that we are connecting to something real. This can be achieved through an ancient method of meditation that I recommend. You can review this meditation method here

Meditation acts much like the observatory viewing the night sky. An observatory looks into space, but to get a good view the observatory must be well away from the city lights. Our eyes also require time to adjust, thus receiving more and more light as we look into the night sky. Meditation is the key to seeing, hearing, and feeling healing energy and realizing that it’s real and will manifest to you personally.

In order to get a clear signal with your phone, television or any device receiving information via electromagnetic waves, not only do we need to be resonating on the same frequency as the transmitter, but we also need to be in a good location, a quiet space and have a period time to receive a clear signal. Once we get a clear signal we start to receive all the information that we were meant to receive, which was sent out by the source transmitter. The complete picture of information can then be made manifest, and make us whole (healed).

The Simplicity Principle
When you consider that ‘simplifying things’ always makes life easier, it’s no surprise the same rule applies to energy healing. The principle can be easily understood like this.

Have you ever had what they call ‘One of those days’? I bet you have, and we all do. It’s one of those days where one thing goes wrong after another. One problem is still being worked on while yet another problem appears close behind. A day like that can quickly make you feel stressed, angry, frustrated, sad, and reach for the bottle, the chocolate bar or just plain give up. That’s basically how complexity works. When things are over complicated they get in the way and disrupt the state of peace we call health or homeostasis.

Remember, health is a state of peace found when the body, mind, and spirit resonate together. When you simplify things you feel better. Don’t overthink it and you will be much better off. This rule not only applies to energy healing, but also meditation, food, medicine, relationships, work, and life in general.

Detoxing and Fasting
One of the most effective ways of simplifying the energy process in your body is to go on a detox diet. It’s something I highly recommend for anybody who wants to increase the speed of healing and access to healing energy. Detoxing and fasting have been practiced for thousands of years and have been shown to trigger cellular renewal, retain youth, and also reset the immune functions (11,12,13,14). I suggest 10-14 days on fresh produce, morning smoothies, fresh fruit and salads, veggie soups, stir fry’s and curry’s. I have written a book on this very subject called ‘Cleansed & Cured’ which explains how detoxing and fasting can trigger healing in the body. In a nutshell, it’s because detoxing simplifies the process of digestion and elimination, which normally require huge amounts of metabolic energy. This allows more energy to flow into the processes of immunity, healing, and regeneration.

What this actually does is create space physically, mentally, and emotionally and that’s what you need to receive healing energy and also to grow.

It’s that simple!

Channeling with Peace
One way I describe the infinite reservoir of healing energy is referring to the >95% ‘energy portion’ of our universe which is unknown to science. They call it dark energy and dark matter, and that’s because it does not reflect any light. Another way to understand this infinite reservoir is to consider the elements that our universe is made from. The most common elements in our universe are the light elements (gasses) and the least common are the heavier elements (metals). You will see this in the chart below. What this chart doesn’t display are the amounts of even lighter subatomic particles, waveforms, and energy such as heat, light, and magnetism. When you allow for the >95% unknown fraction of the cosmos, you immediately see how this chart will continue in the same fashion beyond the table of the elements and into the realm of energy. This is entering into quantum physics, which I’m not going to dive into any further. I will just sum it up like this; these finer, lighter energy components of our universe constitute the vast majority of our reality and can be influenced by our consciousness and our thoughts. It is this energy fraction where our thoughts and consciousness exist.

We are actually 99.9999999% empty space and that’s where the healing energy resides. If the nucleus of an atom was the size of a peanut, that same atom would be about the size of a baseball stadium. If we lost all the dead space inside the atoms of our body, we would each be able to fit into a single particle of dust, and the entire human species would fit into the volume of a sugar cube. The rest is pure energy. This energy, for all intents and purposes, is infinite and fills the entire cosmos. Imagine an exponential upwards curve off to the left of this chart which represents only the table of the elements, gasses, liquids, and solids. Off to the left, we would have the remaining contents of the universe i.e. 99.9999999% energy. The beauty of this concept is that this energy is just sitting there, waiting there/here for us to tap into.

According to the laws of physics, energy will automatically flow into an empty space. It’s really no different to the way water moves when you dig out a channel for it. The biggest obstacle we face when tapping into the infinite reservoir of healing energy is our ‘busy nature’. We are physically, mentally, and emotionally very busy creatures. This means we have bundles of internal unprocessed energy racing around within our own personal energy field all the time. In order to tap any reservoir, a channel must be opened, and this busy nature does nothing but stands in our way. We simply need to get out of our own way, and the best means of achieving that is to take control of our minds.

We spoke earlier about meditation, but we can take this one step further by using intent.

The Mind
One of the mysteries of science is the true nature of human consciousness. What exactly is it and where precisely does it exist? We know that impulses from the brain travel through the body as electricity and that various parts of the brain light up when we think about or experience certain things. This electrical power of our mind is truly incredible at how it can manipulate the physical body.

Two great examples of the power of intentional use of the mind include hypnosis and the placebo effect.

Studies have shown that approximately 70% of individuals with chronic pain are able to experience a short-term reduction in chronic pain during a hypnosis session, and between 20% and 30% achieve permanent reductions in daily pain. (7) Neurophysiological studies reveal that hypnotic analgesia has clear effects on brain and spinal-cord functioning that differ as a result of the specific hypnotic suggestions made. (9)

A placebo is a fake version of a drug or therapy given to patients to compare against the real treatment in clinical trials. The results show that up to 35% of patients given the placebo still get results. There are now over 5,000 research articles in the world’s largest medical database, PubMed, that make specific reference to the placebo effect, which include demonstrations of placebo effects for pain, depression, anxiety, insomnia, immunosuppression, ADHD, and even Parkinson’s disease, to name a few. Even more fascinating is that placebo surgeries have shown to be just as effective in treating coronary heart, and knee surgeries. (8) 

These two examples demonstrate the power of our mind to exert a healing influence on our bodies.

Another example of external energy affecting our health is found in the science of epigenetics. This is where a series of environmental influences have been shown to regulate gene activity. External influences and experiences can activate or inactivate genes, alter the amount of protein synthesized or expressed by a gene, and determine when a gene is expressed throughout the course of a lifetime. (10)

So how does this external energy change our DNA?
Consider the television signal coming from a satellite encountering rain interference. Parts of the signal are lost and we see a messy picture on our television screen. In like manner, when we have partial truths, falsity or external interference with our ‘healing energy’ signal we start to exhibit an incomplete picture of health. Isn’t that exactly how we look when we are ill, like a broken picture, an incomplete manifestation of our true selves. “Make me whole” was the ancient cry to the healers of old. Our picture of health is made up of many, many parts that constitute elements of the absolute truth. It is the universal information received from the unconditional source that completely activates our DNA, and that is ultimately what heals us. That healing energy is unconditional and represents true love. When we receive that in its fullness we then have a complete picture of health.

Remember, in order to receive, we must have the space available. All religions have a practice of creating space by fasting, prayer, or meditation and also creating holy places of solitude such as Cathedral’s or Temple’s, even caves or mountains as places to commune with the divine. As we sit and meditate, look and listen, feel and perceive the living energy that we are receiving we can tune in stronger and clearer and receive a greater signal which may contain new information, bringing us to a heightened sense of bliss, ecstasy, and happiness. This will also come with a new sense of peace and contentment. This is a true state of health.

What we need is to find the time, space, and place to tune in and feed our minds with absolute truths, not partial ideas or opinions. We need 100% to see the absolute picture of who we truly are, and can become.

I suggest meditating as previously outlined, with the ‘look, listen, and feel’ technique, then slowly repeating these absolute truths. As we repeat these phrases we will get confirmation of their truth by way of direct experience of healing energy. Peace, love, warmth, and the release of pain, stress, and grief. These phrases will resolve false, negative beliefs, attitudes or opinions and directly increase access to healing energy.

It is good to repeat them slowly and breathe deeply as you ponder them. Try using one phrase each week, as this will allow time for them integrate and manifest their healing power.

“I am” Healing Phrases

I am Light
I am Energy
I am Eternal
I am Loved
I am Loving
I am Trusting
I am Connected
I am Safe
I am Forgiving
I am Compassionate
I am worthy to Receive
I am Pure
I am Healing
I am Love
God is Love
I am, God is Love

That’s 16 weeks of meditation. If you can do 10-20 minutes each day you will achieve rapid and measurable healing.

Using Your Hands
Another book could be written about using your hands for healing and this can become very complex. Many systems of healing with the hands have been developed, some of which can come across quite mystical, weird, or even evangelistic. It need not be that way, and can actually be the most normal of practices.

We tend to overthink these things when really self-healing it’s the most natural thing in the world. A simple touch of the hand can be comforting to a loved one. A stroke on the head or rub on the shoulder is actually an act of energy healing, so why would it be any different with yourself.

Most of us feel the tendency to rub or touch an area that is sore and tender. We need not complicate this with complex methods, but simply understand this. When you are in tune with the healing energy and express self-love or compassion towards yourself in the same way you express it towards others, the energy will begin to flow. You don’t need to understand how it flows, where it goes, or what exactly it is doing. The healing energy knows everything it needs to do the job. It contains all the information necessary without any outside persuasion.

If you have a heartache, then rest your hand on your heart. If you have tension in your gut, then rest your hands there. The secret is to practice tuning in to the energy until you can feel it all around you, within you, and becoming part of you. The rest will take care of itself. No need to analyze it further.

Now you are ready to begin your self-healing.

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