Unconditional Energy Healing – Part 3 – Energy Exchange

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The first law of physics is the ‘Law Of Conservation’ which states

“Energy can neither be created nor destroyed; rather, it transforms from one form to another.” (4) To expand on this we could say that “energy simply moves from one place to another” whether that is into another energy form, molecular form, or into another medium.

To demonstrate this, let’s explore how we generate electricity. We simply capture the energy of gravity in a dam and run water through turbines, or we capture the kinetic energy of the wind or the heat from coal to run a turbine or capture sunlight converting the heat and light into electrical power.

That power is then used to charge batteries, heat homes and run appliances etc. All this energy eventually returns back to the universe as heat, even if this takes billions of years. The fact remains, energy is never lost, it simply moves around, changes form and is endlessly recycled. A similar example of this energy law is found in Diffusion which you can see in the diagram below.

diffusion and osmosis infographic

The example of diffusion shows how a substance let loose into a liquid or a gas will spread out and fill the entire space evenly, a bit like a bad smell in a room or a teaspoon of sugar in your cup of tea. You could also say this happens when we eat something, think something or apply the knowledge of a principle into our lives. That energy is never lost, it just spreads out evenly within us.  To expand on this energy conservation concept, let’s pose another question. How much energy do we actually have available?

Osmosis might help answer this. The law of osmosis usually applies to water and it means that water will move across a membrane to balance the concentration of a substance in the water. This happens a lot with salts and acids in our bodies because salt and acid balance is crucial to stay alive. Osmosis is more to do with equilibrium than the conservation of energy, but the energy principle is similar because energy simply moves and is never lost.

Supposing that healing energy might come from an infinite universal source, it’s always there, just waiting for an opportunity to move our way. Therefore similar energy laws must apply to how healing energy moves.

Remember “Energy is never lost, it simply moves from one place to another.”

The thing with energy in our lives is that we could mistake this energy principle for the idea of fairness. For some reason, we think that life should be fair, or that there should be a ‘give and take’ relationship with the world around us, and that concept lets us down big time.

Here are a few good examples:

  • Karma – When you do good or bad things, good or bad things will return to you respectively
  • Ancient Proverb “As ye give so shall ye receive” When we do good to others, good things should come back to us.
  • When we work hard we expect to be rewarded financially. Fairtrade.
  • When we fall in love with somebody we instinctively feel they should love us in return


Things such as ‘give and ye shall receive’ or ‘the law of Karma’ does not always seem to apply during our life on earth. Bad things happen to good people and vice versa. We work hard and then lose our job. We love somebody and they reject us. As life goes on, we start to feel more and more disappointed and disillusioned with the world.

You will have noticed that often things are very unfair. You do good things, work hard, be nice to people etc, and yet this is not always returned. We end up getting hurt, ripped off, disappointed and let down by others. Ultimately we end up experiencing loss, feeling exhausted, depressed, sad, sick, and grieving. These examples show how these energy equilibrium concepts actually fail us.

Remember the first law of physics? It states that energy simply moves from one place to another, and this happens without a conscience. Nowhere do we see that energy must return to where it came from in equal share. There is zero happiness to be found looking at the world around us for recognition or equity. These ‘fairness’ ideas are actually false concepts, as this world is not fair at all, and the sooner we accept that, the better.

Energy exchange in the sense of fairness and balance is an entirely false concept, as energy on the level of this lower physical, material world simply moves from one form to another and it has no real destiny, higher intelligence, or kind intent behind it. It simply follows the basic law of physics. Many people are living on this purely physical level and operate emotionally in the same fashion, just like animals. We can’t expect higher laws to apply here. For the sake of this exercise, we will coin this worldly energy experience the ‘horizontal energy exchange’.

The nature of this horizontal energy exchange with the world around us leads us to become stressed, angry, and eventually sick. This temporary physical world will never bring us true lasting happiness and peace. It’s all a mirage or an illusion. True lasting happiness can only be found by connecting with the higher source of infinite, unconditional healing energy from above. Similar to how plants receive light from the sun, we need to turn our inner being upwards to receive healing light in the form of soft comforting, peaceful energy.

This is a vertically moving energy and it comes down on us from a higher realm. The only thing we need to do to receive this endless reservoir of energy is to tune in and resonate with it, which we will talk about more in the next chapter.

A great analogy I often use for the source of unconditional healing energy is the Sun. The reason for this is there are some striking similarities. For example, the sun appears to have infinite energy, and it asks for nothing in return. In fact, if you tried to give the sun something it would simply burn it up before it got close. Even the entire earth would vapourize if it got close enough. (5)

Also, when you feel the sun on your body, it has this incredibly warm glowing feeling, like a comforting healing effect. Healing energy also has this warm comforting nature, but we will talk more about this later.  So, how can we use this vertical energy concept for healing?

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Consider these key principles.

  • The source of healing energy is universal, infinite, and unconditional
  • It supplies a one-way endlessly flowing energy and requires nothing in return
  • Energy simply moves ‘impartially’ from one place or state to another place or state
  • As our capacity to receive energy from above, then release and channel healing energy outwardly increases, healing will take place within us
  • As a result, the old pattern of needing to obtain energy from the world around us decreases, and happiness increases
  • The only thing potentially standing in the way is our Ego with its limited worldly beliefs, attitudes, or opinions.
    You can see roughly how this energy exchange might look in this diagram.

energy reservoir

The phrase “As ye give, so shall ye receive” is only true when you understand that which you will receive when giving energy only comes only from above, and only flows when we resonate with the source above, and the channel is opened. It is entirely futile to expect healing energy to come from the world around you. It is primarily our beliefs, opinions, and attitudes (our Ego stuff) that expect this, actually blocking energy flow, bringing disappointment, causing pressure and stress, eventually making us sick. (1,2,3) Just to clarify, I’m NOT talking about absolute knowledge or truth, which is in harmony with the healing energy source. The Ego stuff I’m referring to our own constructed self-serving stuff, and our so-called baggage.

Our physical body is the direct result of these mental attitudes and their emotional consequences. Because up to 90% of our opinions, beliefs, and attitudes (our stuff) are fear-based and typically don’t align with absolute truth, they just get in the way, blocking the flow of healing energy. Central to this entire picture is the false expectation of energy returning from the world around us equally and fairly.

Again, because this goes against the universal law of physics in terms of energy flow, it causes us to feel disappointed, tired, hungry, heavy, under pressure, angry, sad, frustrated within, thus causing stress, grief, and pain, both physical and emotional. Eventually, this results in the disease process.

Trying to retain energy for ourselves is the biggest mistake we make, and this type of energy retention will make us unwell, a bit like energy constipation. Our oldest beliefs, attitudes, and opinions hold back the majority of this energy which builds up, increasing pain and pressure within us.

When we focus on dropping all of our Ego (attitudes, opinions, and beliefs) allowing ourselves to simply experience things as they really, truly are, we let go, and we make space, thus removing the clouds of resistance and healing energy flows.


person kneeling along the beach shore

This generally requires a humbling shift in our core philosophy on life, and that is when we receive actual knowledge, truth, light, and healing. Humility is the key. Nothing is lost, it simply moves on, and changes form. We then have access to the healing power which comes from above, causing any stored and trapped energy to melt away by grace.

Our ego will say, “I know all I need to know” but we must ignore that loud voice of rebellion, pride, and contempt, and listen to the gentle whisper of our heart.  Beliefs can then be replaced by knowledge and pain transformed into bliss. Healing energy can be felt flowing through our heart and mind, and healing takes place.

The more we drop our ego, and let go, the more we receive, because the source is infinite.

Remember the law of conservation ‘energy simply moves’ and if it’s healing energy then it’s infinite and unconditional.  All you need to do is, stop looking to the world around you for energy and start looking for energy from above, think vertical, and let it go.

Now you’re prepared to start tuning in to the healing energy.

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