You may think that you need some special ability to heal others with energy. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

We are all born with this natural ability to give healing, and it’s as close as breathing and as near as our heartbeat. From the moment your mother picks you up, she starts giving you healing, and you know instinctively that you’re receiving it. That rub on the back when you’re crying, that gentle stroke over your forehead when you can’t sleep. It’s second nature to all of us. If you care about other people and have compassion for their suffering, then you are definitely going to find this quite natural. If you don’t have that inclination then it’s better to focus on yourself for now. It’s no good trying to help others unless you have first spent the time to work on yourself and developed a deep awareness of the healing energy. Then you can move onto helping others to heal.

For The Giver
The paradox is that we are giving healing and yet we are not. This paradox exists for two reasons. Firstly healing energy is universal and comes from another dimension, therefore, in reality, it’s not entirely ours to give. Secondly, we can’t actually heal others or force changes in other people, so we’re not really healing others. What we actually do is lovingly share the healing energy with them, and it’s the energy that heals, and that only happens when the receiver tunes in, accepts and receives the healing energy. A baby, infant, or animal can easily tune in and receive because they have very little ‘stuff’ in the way. They don’t have much baggage if you like. They are more of an open book and easily accept healing. It’s the adults that usually need to make several adjustments.

Understanding the nature and characteristics of healing energy can only serve to increase your natural ability to become a channel for it. When it comes to healing others, what you need to develop is your ability to channel the healing energy, and this comes with its own special set of principles.

I’m going to share the secrets I have found work best to channel healing energy.

It comes down to these seven simple principles.

  1. Tune in with the source. Maintain the higher ‘universal love’ perspective by meditating often (daily).
  2. Become an open channel. Keep yourself clear, physically, emotionally, and mentally. You must hold onto nothing.
  3. Hold no attachment to outcomes. You have no control over the result when it comes to healing others.
  4. Just ‘get out of the way’. Your self must step aside as far as your personal agenda, and your ego is concerned.
  5. It’s not your energy. Never use your own energy, but rather tune in, and tap into the infinite reservoir.
  6. Love those you serve. Remember that we are all part of the human family and love must be 100% unconditional.
  7. Wait to be guided. Trust the energy to guide and direct your hand movements and their timing. Don’t force anything.


For The Receiver
It’s also very important for the receiver to be in the right space to receive the healing energy themselves. One of the most common methods used in the world is ‘faith healing’. This is where the believer is healed simply because they believe they will be healed. This practice has merit because it is scientifically recognized that the placebo effect accounts for up to 30% of the results in clinical trials. In other words, just because people believe they are taking a new groundbreaking medication, they get better, even when they have actually been given a sugar pill. The same principle applies to faith healing. We must allow for this as a factor when it comes to giving healing to others. If you doubt yourself, or what you’re doing or you come across as all ‘airy-fairy’ then it’s unlikely that your subject will feel confident in what you’re offering. The same applies to yourself. If you have doubts, fears, or even disbelief, then it’s very unlikely that you will have access to the healing energy. Remember it is the absolute truth that makes the connection take place, and doubt or fear are not absolute truth.

Preparing The Mind
When I first meet a new client I take some time to get to know them and make them feel comfortable, like we’re just having a friendly discussion about their family life, work, background etc. Then I give a little background to myself and explain what the healing is all about. I explain that it’s not me that does the healing and that I’m just going to help them connect directly to the healing energy themselves.

I then proceed to share one, or maybe two of the principles of healing energy such as those we have talked about in earlier chapters. I usually draw a simple diagram and talk about the nature of healing energy coming from above and moving down through us vertically, and how we can simply tune in to receive it. My other most common discussion is around the simplicity principle and how complexity causes stress and disease. These two topics seem to work very well, as most people grasp them quickly.

I always adhere to the generic and scientific references and try not to raise any spiritual or religious eyebrows. Even though God has thousands of names, just like everything else on Earth, due to culture and language differences, people still tend to think that theirs is the only correct name for God, or the only correct belief or religion, so I avoid that topic.

It’s worth asking about their faith all the same. That’s because if you can detect that somebody has a spiritual or religious affiliation, then that can work in their favour. For two reasons. Firstly you know that they have faith in a higher power and usually that comes with a belief in healing from spiritual sources, and this is ideal. Secondly, you can often relate to them on the level of their beliefs around love, forgiveness, letting go, compassion, and other universal spiritual principles that relate to self-healing.

In some cases, we talk about the meditation method and share the looking, listening, and feeling technique. This leads nicely on to the next part of the session, which is where we get specific.

Targeting the healing
Before laying hands on somebody to give healing, it’s important to explain that all you’re going to do is tune in with them and simply share the process of receiving healing energy together. The healing energy comes from the universal source and not from you, but when the two of you ‘tune in’ together the channel is opened up many times wider and the healing received is potentially much more powerful than when you do it alone.

The person who is receiving the healing is the one we must target with the energy, so making the session specific to them is imperative. It can take a little digging and questioning, but what you need to look for are patterns and behaviours that may be blocking them from receiving a good connection to healing energy.

For example, these are some of the most common issues a person might have.

  • Unworthiness, a feeling of not being good enough
  • Resentment or bitterness towards something or somebody
  • Grief or sorrow, related to attachment and loss of persons or possessions
  • Feelings of isolation, being disconnected or not fitting in
  • Attitudes of anger with the system, a person or past events
  • Anxiety, fear of life situations, sickness or death, a lack of faith
  • A big ego, the ‘know it all’. It’s impossible to receive healing when they think they know everything.

None of these patterns are in line with ‘absolute truth’ or to the giving and receiving of unconditional love. Making some simple adjustments will greatly increase access to, and awareness of the healing energy. It is important not to get into details, begin a counseling session, or start giving general advice. The key to getting a powerful experience of healing for the receiver is ‘keep it simple’ and trigger their understanding, or give them an epiphany around the key principles.

Once you have uncovered their most obvious pattern of self-sabotage you can formulate an antidote. I always explain that the healing phrase is an affirmation. This is best given as a motto or phrase which will become their Mantra for the next little while, during the next phase of their healing journey. Remember any absolute truth will simplify their inner process and directly connect them to the healing energy.

Here is a couple of classic examples.

  1. The person is angry with their ex-spouse for cheating, consequently they’ve lost their house and are worried about future income to pay the bills. This can be making them sick, mentally, emotionally, and physically.  They are suffering with anxiety, depression, and an irritable bowel.

Their healing phrase could be “I am moving forward with Love” or “I am trusting in my journey”

2. The person is drinking, smoking, and suffering from addictive eating behaviors due to an abusive family situation and lack of self-esteem.  This is severely interfering with their health and causing many other physical symptoms including high blood pressure and indigestion.

Their healing phrase could be “I am fulfilled and peaceful” or “I am loved always”

The trick is to share the understanding that these phrases are not necessarily something they already accept or believe, but instead they’re actually universal truths. It’s their experiences with falsity in the world around them which have led them to believe in something that is not true. This is where the disconnect took place. The new ‘true’ information needs to be integrated and accepted, and It is the repetition of the healing phrase that will bring them around to this. Peace, warmth, comfort, and healing will be evidence of this truth.

They may struggle at first, but ultimately as the phrase takes hold, healing will occur, especially when practiced with the new knowledge and meditation method you can share with them. Other phrases may look like those we mentioned for healing ourselves, in the last chapter. Be careful not to complicate these phrases, but keep them simple and be sure they are universal absolute truths. It is important that we don’t use any opinions or beliefs, only undeniable truths.


Laying on Hands
The laying on of hands for healing has been practiced for thousands of years and numerous techniques have been employed. The reason it works so well is because energy is able to move very quickly when we make physical contact. The act of just resting your hand on somebody’s head or shoulders immediately initiates the healing energy process. Once again, it’s not rocket science, more like second nature.

Before starting the laying on of hands, I always suggest a couple of things to the receiver, like this.

  1. Let’s meditate on the healing phrase together during the session. It will bring things up, which is natural, but just keep reminding yourself to come back to the phrase. This will quieten the mind.
  2. You can do the look, listen and feel meditation while we are doing the healing. Take note of what you experience.
  3. Close your eyes and take a couple of deep breaths and let’s get started. Remember to breathe.

I always start with the person lying on a massage table, but you can also do it with them sitting in a chair. Starting from the top and working your way down is best. I lay hands on the head and stomach first, just to establish a connection. Usually, I will spend about 5-7 minutes on each position. Next is the head, on the temples, and then on the top of the head. Next, I rest my hands on the shoulders, then the heart and stomach and finally either side, just below the rib cage. I never touch below the navel, but simply sweep the energy towards the feet. Often I will massage the feet a little just to ground the person before bringing them back.

The time frame on each position and the exact positions you can develop for yourself, based on what you feel and the energy that is moving. If you feel the energy moving through you, that is great. It usually means that healing energy is doing its thing, and you should wait until it seems to stop before moving on. You may feel pressure, magnetism, heat, vibrations, or even pain in your hands. You may also experience wonderful feelings of bliss and spiritual ecstasy. In any of these cases, once again, stay in that area until it calms down, and then move on. If energy is moving in any of these forms, it means healing is taking place. There is no point analyzing it, as the healing energy is far to intelligent for us to understand, and all we do is complicate things, which further confuses the situation.

After you have spent 20-40 minutes on a person, the job should be done. Always suggest they continue with self-healing and meditation while continuing to use the phrases when they go home. Even 10-20 minutes a day will keep the ball rolling.  

The key to success in this depends on both you and the receiver tuning in to the energy together and having absolute trust in the process.

Most of all, enjoy your healing experience.