Unconditional Energy Healing – Part 14 – The Healing Journey Begins

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Whether we can see it or not, everything is one great symphony of harmonious perfection. We can see nearly a trillion galaxies with our telescopes dating back 45 billion years in every direction, and who knows what is beyond that. Maybe it never ends? Personally, I am a believer of eternal infinity, a creationist, and a healthy skeptic of both the Big Bang theory and Neo-Darwinian evolution. It’s a very liberating idea ‘Eternal Infinity’. It’s impossible to prove or disprove, but with the scientific knowledge we have accumulated to date, it’s very much looking like we live in an infinite universe, with no conceivable beginning or end. Science will eventually concede.

When you consider this timeless, endless, infinite nature of our universe it really puts things into perspective. The beauty, perfection, and harmony that exists in nature, the brilliance and complexity of our body, and the molecules that make it up are truly mind-boggling. We are only beginning to understand these things, including how DNA operates, how the mind affects the body, and the power we have to directly influence our genetic expression and our health. All of these mysteries are yet to fully reveal themselves as we keep searching for answers.

Religion, spirituality, and atheism are all different ways we, as human beings, attempt to frame all of this into some kind of coherent order. Of course, these choices and beliefs can be argued, and yet there must ultimately be great underlying truths, and realities to our universe that are absolute, and indisputable. The true scientist is searching for these absolute and indisputable truths, and yet, coincidentally, the true spiritual seeker is on exactly the same journey. To theorize, explore, experiment, and discover ultimate truths is the incentive driving both the scientist and spiritual seeker. Why not integrate these two mindsets and garner knowledge for your own personal progress and growth in the same manner?

I would say I’m a bit of a dichotomy, being a healthy skeptic with a completely open mind. In other words, I believe in endless possibilities but I don’t believe anything I hear without personal research, experimentation, and validation. The curious scientific mind seeks to understand by measuring data and gathering results. The spiritual seeker seeks to understand absolute truths by way of practicing disciplined methods, culminating in direct experiences, to hear, see and feel within for oneself, thus building a personal testimony of said truths, and developing deeper faith in said methodology. Healing is one of those experiences which is evidence of such absolute truths. Healing and peace is the fruit of true knowledge.

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Ultimately, we’re all made up of >99.999999% energy and this energy is universal, infinite and somehow all connected into one great field of energy. Scientists theorize that the universe may actually have 10 dimensions. While imperceptible as far as our senses are concerned, these more subtle dimensions would have governed the formation of our universe from the very beginning. (1) This is where our personal inner searching begins to closely correlate with science.

Making a connection internally to healing energy brings feelings of warmth, love, and peace. Just like emotions and dreams, we can’t share them fully, but we can each know they exist for ourselves. You can perform your own experiments with meditation, by using the techniques in this book and draw your own conclusions through the direct experiences you will receive. Over time, this will become clear knowledge as your energy connections become deeper and stronger.

No matter what your beliefs or faith, I challenge you to start your healing journey afresh every day with an open mind, an open heart, a humble innocence, and a keen sense of wondrous awe. These are the keys to taking your healing journey forwards. There is joy to be found in the experience of never-ending experimentation and discovery. Test the methods and techniques we have discussed and take steps each day to add more knowledge to your library of truth.

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Like anything, self-healing is something that needs practice. Your body is like an instrument that you can learn to play. You can tune in, resonate and receive inner light, sound, and feelings as you harmonize with the great symphony of intelligent, universal life-energy. This all requires daily exercise in order to eventually become second nature. No musician can just stop practicing his instrument and expect to play up to speed, let alone make progress. Your self-healing practice is no different.

I recommend at least 20 minutes of daily meditation, or an hour if possible. I also suggest a regular period of fasting, like once a week. Just for a couple of meals, as this helps reset our inner connections. The other thing I highly recommend is intestinal cleansing and detoxing. I have my own program that I usually complete twice a year, which consists of 14 days on herbs, pure fruits, smoothies, raw vegetables, vegetable soups, and curries. See my first book “Cleansed & Cured” for more on this.  It’s important to improve your eating habits every year. Eventually aiming for a clean, plant-based, whole-food diet is what I have found works best for energy healing. This lifts your energy field by simplifying and clearing the channels within you physically. Remember how we talked about channeling by simplifying and creating space? You will find the healing that takes place when you combine these practices to be rapid and profound.

Using herbs for your medicine is also important, as herbs resonate with your body naturally and have far less toxicity than conventional pharmaceuticals, or synthetic nutritional supplements. Plant medicine was also put on this earth for us by intelligent design. This all adds up to a rapidly healing body.

Whether you believe in God (by any name), an intelligent ‘Universe’, another form of spirituality, or even if you’re an Atheist, the results of using this method are guaranteed to bring healing, unless you are completely shut down to new experiences. This is because, just like you would eventually get burnt standing in the sun, you can’t practice my unconditional energy healing method without receiving energy, light, truth and healing. There can be no other result. Health is the default state of your body when you are aligned, and healing energy is allowed to enter. The rest is taken care of by the great intelligent designer.

Think about it this way, Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton, (the two fathers of modern physics) believed there was a great intelligence behind the universe and all of their theories based around this precept proved to be true.

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Every, waveform, subatomic particle, atom, molecule, any force or field of energy acts in a predictable, almost pre-programmed, geometric, mathematical fashion. Even single-celled bacteria, plants, and all animals exhibit some level of intelligence. (2, 3). It would, therefore, appear that we live in a universe that is inherently intelligent by its very nature. We could call this ‘innate intelligence’ and it’s absolutely everywhere we look. Even a rock has some level of innate intelligence. Living things however contain DNA which has the capacity to store this innate intelligence and disseminate portions of it into other less complex structures, cells, and molecules. When we look out into the cosmos we see exactly the same thing continuing on forever, on a grand scale.

It is also widely accepted that there exists such a thing as the ‘collective consciousness’ whereby groups of humans and animals share behaviours subconsciously. (4) Communication within the cells in the human body, such as the immune cells indicates that groups of single cells can also exhibit collective consciousness. If you consider how we can send out signals with our satellites, TV, and radio which can be received globally, then it’s not a giant leap to consider a universal network of consciousness and intelligence. The mechanisms for these types of communications already exist within the fabric of our universe.

If you know how to tune in, then you should be able to receive this infinite intelligent energy, and your mind, body, and DNA will respond. Considering there may be 10 dimensions in the universe and over 95% of it is undefined by science, I think we must be open to exploring the ‘universe within’ ourselves for more answers.

Healers throughout the ages have spoken of a great spirit, a holy ghost, and a state of peace, love, and fulfillment that comes from the absolute truth. This is felt when healing happens, and it can also seem to happen collectively. There does appear to be a universal overtone when people come together with love, which resonates within a group. Some find this to be the quickest way, but it can also be a way of depending on others for energy, instead of finding your own inner source, and some feel they just don’t seem to fit in.

It may be that you first need to find that great healing energy within yourself before seeking like-minded others and truly sharing such collective healing experiences in a positive way. Either way, you should eventually realise that no matter where you are, you can tune in, and the energy can be found deep within the fabric of your own being.

Probably the most important principle of the unconditional energy healing method is ‘Tuning in’. Remember that once you are tuned in, by practicing the meditation daily, and on the same wavelength as the universal source of unconditional love, you need make no effort, and the energy will automatically be with you. Let go of your ego, including your past beliefs, attitudes, and opinions; simplify your life, your food, and your mind, and you will become an open channel. Healing will then take place effortlessly. Humility and gratitude are key. All will be provided from above, by grace.

I will leave you with these closing thoughts. There is indeed a great universal intelligence that lies behind this visible three-dimensional world, which is constantly and infinitely pouring out the knowledge, information, and the energy we need to grow, progress and heal. It is all encompassed within the love that we share for each other, our family, our children, and our spouse. The love for a new-born child could possibly be the closest we come to switching on 100% to this healing energy.

Just like how white light can be broken into millions of colours, the unconditional, universal love I have called ‘unconditional healing energy’ contains all the millions of pieces of information we could ever need to be healed and to become all we can be. It is infinitely ours to freely receive, and share.

As you become more and more familiar with principles and practices found in this book, you will receive an ever-increasing presence, as a soft, warm glow within. You will know that you are loved and supported by a benevolent loving intelligence that is always there for you and only requires you to be on the same page, with absolute truth in your mind to continually receive a stream of life-giving energy from above.

There will surely be some interesting times ahead, and persistence and discipline are needed, but with this knowledge, may your journey be filled with joy and happiness.

Many Blessings


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